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Tiny Miniature Flowering Cherry Blossom Starter Bonsai – Butterfly Tree in Sky Blue Pot

Product Code: Cherry Blossom - Mini Sky Blue


Fantastic hardy fruiting and flowering Cherry Blossom bonsai in pretty cheerful Royal Blue ceramic pot. Easy care with the most gorgeous spring blooms. Highly recommended for beginners with beautiful colouring.

The Cherry blossom bonsai exhibits a captivating seasonal transformation, adorned with delicate pink blooms that grace its branches during the enchanting springtime. As summer arrives, the bonsai transitions into a verdant display, showcasing lush and vibrant green leaves. Its alluring traditional cherry tree structure, coupled with its open habit, adds to its timeless beauty and allure.
Cherry Blossom bonsai, also known as Prunus kojo no mai, is a popular choice among bonsai enthusiasts. Its delicate pink and white blossoms represent renewal and the fleeting nature of life, making it a popular symbol in Japanese culture.

Beautiful Prunus Incisa Kojo No Mai Bonsai Tree  – This tree has a variation of seasonal interest from bare zig zag branches during Winter to blooming with white flowers with pink tones in Spring to striking orange leaves during Autumn. Small cherry fruits follow the pretty blush pink flowers. A great starter bonsai for beginners with easy care. Picturesque Spring outdoor flowering cherry blossom bonsai tree for sale.
Descended from the mountainous Fuji Cherry of Japan, these trees are full of Japanese history. The understanding of the Cherry Blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In Japan, the Cherry Blossom displays the fragility and the beauty of life.
This tree will be pretty all year round. During winter it will display bare zig zag shaped branches which will grow crimson buds, into spring it will bloom small white flowers which will have a pink tone to them with a deep pink centre and the pale green leaves will start to grow through turning a darker green throughout the summer, finishing in autumn with an autumnal flush of orange, red and gold serrated leaves before the cold weather strips the branches again.
Even though the flowers are only small there will be an abundance of them when they are in bloom.
Ideal to growing in your garden, decking, patio or sheltered balcony.
“Kojo No Mai” actually means “flight of the butterflies” which is very apt for this tree as when the flowers begin to drop they look like butterflies floating in the wind.

A very pretty tree which signifies good fortune, new beginnings, revival, and future happiness, and so makes a perfect gift for family and friends.

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