Twisty style Premium Jade Bonsai – Magical clean air tree signifies luck & prosperity – Excellence Range

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This Jade bonsai, has distinctive leaves. Jade trees are symbolic of good luck and prosperity, making it an especially fitting gift for someone beginning a new phase of their life. 

This tree is supported by a twisty tall and elegant trunk  exposed roots, giving this bonsai its own unique personality.  Its gem like leaves are a bright and vibrant.

This bonsai is centred in a beautiful turquoise blue rectangular ceramic pot, accompanied by a matching ceramic tray.

Full care instructions are included and you can select the most appropriate delivery date at the checkout.

This is an incredibly easy indoor bonsai species to care for – it requires less frequent watering than most bonsai.

Ideal for beginners and children to grow and have fun with.

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A highly recommended indoor bonsai, which is very easy to care for. Perfect for beginners and requires the least amount of water of all species of indoor bonsai tree. Lovely broom style bonsai in a beautiful; ceramic turquoise blue rectangular bonsai pot matching drip tray.

All the bonsai in our Premium Range come complete with matching turquoise blue rectangular bonsai pot and humidity tray. Premium Range bonsai represent the very best in quality. The highest standards are maintained in pruning, styling and repotting, with the use of high grade potting media.
This is a beautiful mature bonsai with lots of character.  Easy to look after.
It is supplied with ceramic humidity tray.
* Age: 14 years 
* Bonsai Height: approx 25 cm
* Trunk Diameter: 2 cm
* Pot Size: 21 x 16 cm
* Pot Colour: Jade Greenj ceramic lotus style rectangular bonsai pot 
• FREE bonsai care leaflet 
• FREE delivery to most of the UK. 

The Miniature Jade Tree bonsai (Portulacaria afra) is a small-gem like leaved succulent tree which orginates from South Africa.
It is a particularly easy indoor bonsai variety to grow with beautifully proportioned smoothed edges leaves.
Please do not confuse this bonsai with Crassula ovata - The miniature jade tree is much easier to grow, with smaller and rounder foliage pads and a more compact habit.
A higher recommended bonsai variety for growing indoors.


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