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Vibrant Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatum Katsura)

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A captivating Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum ‘katsura’ with rich green leaves during summer and oranges and golds during spring and autumn.

This is the exact bonsai which you will receive!
This beautiful bonsai has an elegant trunk with textured bark and excellent branch placement; the exposed roots are exceptional.
This bonsai has pretty lobed leaves, which emerge bright orange in spring, and fade to orange-yellow with a pink margin, and eventually green, with maturity. Autumn colour is bright orange.
Potted in a cream banded ceramic bonsai pot which perfectly enhances the foliage colours.

*Photographed at the beginning of Spring 2023 and then again in late April 2023 (first photos)*

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Acer palmatum ‘Katsura’ is an award winning cultivar which is very popular in the bonsai world and boasts stunning lobed, orange new growth with reddish margins in the spring. The leaves fade to green, retaining their orange edges in the summer. Autumn then offers a spectacular display of vibrant yellows, reds and oranges.
The leaves of the Japanese Maples display wonderful seasonal colours and are palm-shaped giving rise to the name Acer palmatum.
This award-winning Japanese Maple is a fantastic choice with a long period of interest. Acer palmatum ‘Katsura’ is best positioned in slight shade and kindly avoid windy positions.

With a rich history of symbolism, the Japanese maple tree has played an important part in art, gardening and even poetry for hundreds of years. This variety of tree is considered a symbol of grace personified and is associated with peace and serenity of the world’s elements. Maple trees are a symbol of strength and endurance. In China, the maple is associated with honour, and its leaves are a motif in Japanese ukiyo-e paintings representing love and autumn.

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