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Wild Cherry Outdoor Bonsai – White Cherry Blossom

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A fabulous young Wild Cherry or Prunus Avium bonsai in a blue ceramic pot.

Dainty white flowers will grow in April, they are cup-shaped with five petals; They hang in clusters of two to six. The flowers develop into globular, hairless, deep-red cherries once they have been pollinated by insects.

In Highland folklore, wild cherry had mysterious qualities, and to encounter one was considered auspicious and fateful.
Traditionally, cherries were planted for their fruit and also their wood which was used for making cask hoops and vine poles. The sticky resin was thought to promote a good complexion and eyesight, and help to cure coughs. These days, cherry wood is used to make decorative veneers and furniture. The wood is hard, strong and honey-coloured, and can be polished to a good, shiny brown. The wood burns well and produces a sweetly scented smoke, similar to the scent of its flowers.

A charming starter bonsai ready to be grown on.

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