Wonderful Evergreen Picea omorika hardy outdoor bonsai scene

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This is the bonsai you would receive!
This is a very hardy native outdoor bonsai, perfect for beginners. Easy to care for and fun to grow and would enhance your garden or patio.
the scene with completed with the lovely glazed fisherman. A very cheerful outdoor bonsai which is easy to care for in colourful red glazed pot.

Picea omorika, has the appearance of a traditional Christmas Tree when young before its branches arch down at maturity.
Simialrly it is a beautiful evergreen and hardy species with well proportioned needles.

This lovely tree has immature cones are purple tinged before they open up brown.

Picea omorika is a lovely statuesque tree which would not look out of place in a stately home parkland.

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This lovely Picea bonsai has a beautiful informal upright trunk with a lovely taper and elegant branches. A good representation of a natural woodland tree.

Great native bonsai!
This is the bonsai you would receive!

Height (cm): 33
Pot Size (cm): 26 x 21
Trunk Diameter (cm): 2
Age (Years): 13
Bonsai Pot: Rich red rectangular ceramic bonsai pot.
Evergreen Hardy Outdoor Bonsai


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