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Wonderful Twin Jade Tree bonsai which symbolises luck & prosperity

Product Code: PJ78

A very cute twin money tree bonsai – known as the tree of luck & prosperity

This is the bonsai you will receive!
An outstanding premium range twin Jade tree bonsai in a classic forest green ceramic pot with matching drip tray.
The two trees compliment each other perfectly, and form a lovely, lush green canopy.
A fabulous indoor bonsai to grow; incredibly easy to care for and requires minimal watering.

Bridge of unity included, making this little bonsai a wonderful anniversary gift.
A very easy indoor bonsai species to care for making it particularly suitable for someone with little time on their hands, a complete beginner or a child.
This bonsai is more commonly called the Money Tree and is renowned as symbolising good luck and prosperity. A lovely sentiment.
Also known as the ‘Magical Clean Air tree’. This species sequesters more carbon than most other varieties. Its attributes are abounding!

The miniature jade tree bonsai (Portulacaria afra) makes a perfect beginners bonsai.
It is a variety native to Africa, where there are dry conditions and consequently it prefers a dry soil.
It will not require watering as often as other varieties of bonsai and is particularly easy to care for.
It will thrive in a warm position and will tolerate being fairly dry (but please do not over-water as it does not like to be wet).
This lovely bonsai has small, well-proportioned leaves with smooth edges.
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This tree symbolises good luck & prosperity 🙂

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