Links to Sites of Interest

Some websites we have found on the web that may be of interest to fellow bonsai enthusiasts. (We hope you find them useful, but we cannot take responsibility for the content of external websites linked here.)

Forums & Communities

International Bonsai Forum – An active forum for discussion on Bonsai, with an area for beginners, specific bonsai types and plenty of expert growers on hand to talk with.

Fuchsia Bonsai Forum – Bonsai forum with a dedicated area for Fuchsia Bonsai.

Wee Trees Forum – Very active and established, with a Buy & Sell area, challenges area and forum to share photography and your bonsai trees.

The Bonsai Site Forums – Forum of one of the informational websites listed below, very active and established, with lots of great conversation and information available.

Bonsai Chat – Forums with competitions and regular guest writers from the Bonsai community.

Bonsai Geeks – Free live forum about Bonsai trees.

Aus Bonsai – Australian Bonsai community.

Bonsai Tree Forums – Live forum about Bonsai Trees.

Bonsai Tree Cre – A Bonsai Tree lovers blog.

Cardiff Bonsai – An active Bonsai Tree lovers club based in Cardiff.

Rocky Mountain Bonsai – Information on Bonsai Trees and Bonsai Trees lovers club.

Information Sites

OfBonsai – A large and sophisiticated magazine-styled site with guides on bonsai care, choosing, videos, blogs from members, articles on techniques, etc, and a forum too.

Bonsai 4 Me – Site dedicated to bonsai, with articles for experts and beginners alike and plenty of resources.

The Bonsai Site – A website with lots of information on caring for bonsai, their history, plus lots of resources and networks.

Bonsai Information – This website is not quite as organised in layout as the others, but has lots of information and interesting books, articles and images on Bonsai.

Bonsai Empire – Information on how to grow and care about Bonsai trees.

Bonsai Gardener – Information on Bonsai trees for beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Bonsai Tree Plaza – Articles, chat room and useful information for all Bonsai lovers.

Cute Bonsai Tree – How to Bonsai – techniques and tutorials.

A-Bonsai – The Bonsai tree guide.

Gardening Ideas – Detailed information and tips on Bonsai trees.

Growing Bonsai Tree Information – Quality information about Bonsai trees – growing, styles and techniques.

Bonsai Tree Support – Information about Bonsai trees, their care, maintenance, shaping and much more.

Grow Bonsai Trees – Bonsai tree information and origins.

Bonsai Made Easy – Bonsai tree information, history and spirituality.

Helpful Gardener – Articles and gallery about Bonsai trees.

Growing A Bonsai Tree – Tips and advice on growing a bonsai tree.

Bonsai Tree – Bonsai tree advice, information on how to care and the best Bonsai trees.

Bonsai Art – 5 top indoor Bonsai care tips.

Partner Site & Official Sites

FOBBS – The Federation of British Bonsai Societies, with information on members and events etc.

South Devon Bonsai Society – Twice monthly meetings and an events calendar on the website plus information, guides and tutorials.

North Devon Bonsai Society – With monthly Monday meetings and some Saturday workshops based in Barnstable. 

Bonsai Tree Magazines

International Bonsai – A complete range of educational bonsai courses, workshops, seminars and symposia.

ABS Bonsai – A pioneering national bonsai organization publishing a fine Bonsai Journal and producing some unique educational publications. 

Bonsai Focus – News and information about Bonsai Trees. 

Bonsai Hunk – Information about ten gratest Bonsai Fallacies.

Bonsai Mary – Articles on how-to, Bonsai care, maintenance, types of trees and much more. 

Bonsai Trees Tips & Hints

Bonsai Palace – Tips on how to start and maintain a beautiful and healthy Bonsai Tree.

Bonsai Tree Help – Information and help on Bonsai Trees.