Beginners Bonsai Trees

Choose from our carefully selected range of indoor Beginners Bonsai Trees. Firstly, we understand that buying your first bonsai can be a little daunting (especially if you are not green-fingered). Don’t worry, people have been growing bonsai for hundreds of years and you do not have to be an expert!

Trust in our experience as growers…

Likewise, the bonsai in this section have been selected for you! Supplied with full care instructions and online video support, the bonsai trees in this collection are ideal for beginners. They are easy to care for. We are experienced professionals, and these recommendations have been tried and tested for decades.

Medium-sized and larger bonsai trees are easier to care for…

Not only have we showcased our beginner’s indoor bonsai trees we have also included bonsai of a reasonable size. Very small bonsai are harder to care for because the pots are so small. They need checking more regularly for water.

Consequently, tiny bonsai dry out rapidly because the pots hold such little water. Mid-sized and larger bonsai trees are better established and will not dry out as quickly, making them a lot easier to care for.

Don’t forget to add bonsai care essentials to your order….

You can add bonsai essentials, such as bonsai fertiliser, pruning scissors, watering accessories and mist which help you keep your bonsai in tip-top condition. These care products help you maintain healthy indoor bonsai which flourish and look fabulous.

Whether it is for yourself or a gift, you have the convenience of choosing when to have your bonsai delivered. We offer gift wrap and personalisation options for all gifts and delivery to most of the UK is FREE.


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Showing all 10 results

Indoor bonsai trees for beginners

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