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This is an absolutely magnificent Chinese Juniper Bonsai Tree with a very characteristic and powerful gnarled trunk and lovely twisting branches. The position and styling of the majestic bonsai give it a graceful, yet natural, windswept look. There really are no words to describe how wonderful this bonsai actually is. It has now also been reduced to an amazing price - don't miss out! Free delivery to most of the UK. Buy now - you won't regret it!

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Product Description

This is an incredible example of an evergreen Chinese Juniper bonsai. Approximately 30 years in age this beautiful outdoor bonsai has huge artistic appeal.
This twisty and winding Chinese Juniper bonsai has a creeping canopy which meanders over pot. The trunk and main branches have amazing character and with a little time and care on the twigs and foliage it will make a truly incredible bonsai.
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Height (cm): 33
Pot Size (cm): 35 x 28
Age (years): 30
Trunk Diameter (cm): 2.5
Pot: Classic oval ceramic bonsai pot 
Evergreen outdoor bonsai tree

Bonsai Variety

Chinese Juniper (Juniperus chinensis)

A bonsai favourite. This wonderful evergreen bonsai has it all - naturally small foliage, incredible character throughout the trunk and branches, it’s evergreen and has beautiful flaky bark. The juvenile foliage of the juniper is spiky but as it matures soft ‘pads’ of foliage are formed. The juniper responds very well to training by pruning and wiring. Please be careful to check the wire weekly to prevent scaring. Junipers will tolerate a very sunny position and like to be kept on the dry side, in a free draining soil. Very hardy.


Bonsai Care


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