Specimen European Larch Outdoor Bonsai - 28 years


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A truly beautiful specimen European Larch Bonsai - 28 years old.
This beautiful bonsai has an extremely elegant trunk flow with near perfect taper.
The branch and twig detail is truly amazing. Powerful and character nebari gives this exquisite bonsai immense artistic appeal.
A highly refined outdoor bonsai with not detail overlooked.
This bonsai has been meticulously grown and styling by pruning techniques with no wiring involved. This is a much slower way of growing bonsai but results in no wire scars and a more beautiful bonsai in every way.


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Product Description

This amazing and beautifully artistic larch bonsai has fantastic proportions with incredible trunk taper. It has well defined and highly refined branches which are well balanced. Absolutely stunning. This bonsai has been totally pruned to shape therefore there is no wire scarring; this takes longer but the results are fabulous.


Height (cm): 54
Pot Size (cm): 45 x 35
Trunk Diameter (cm): 6
Age (years): 28 years
Pot: Round Unglazed oval ceramic bonsai pot
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai

Bonsai Variety

Larch Bonsai (Larix) 
Larch trees make beautiful bonsai. During winter the branches are bare revealing intricate branch and twig structures. When spring comes, small bright green needle shaped leaves appear around the buds, giving the appearance of small green flowers. After watering little globules of water are trapped in the centre of the leaves, which sparkle in the sunlight. The foliage darkens during summer and in autumn turns bright gold. The bark also has great character. The Larch is easy to shape using pruning and wiring techniques.


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