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This is the bonsai you will receive! 

What a beautiful premium range bonsai forest!  Three character bonsai form a lovely forest/copse. 
Outstanding detail and styling from the exposed roots, strong character trunks and carved hollows.
A beautiful bonsai with lovely shape and great refinement. The three trees are so well balanced & blend beautiful to form an overall canopy of lush foliage.
A very easy bonsai variety to grow. Fast growing so great fun to prune. 
Beautiful copse of contemplation - with relaxing figurines.
The ligustrum sinense symbolises peace and friendship.

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Product Description

This is the bonsai you will receive!
A lovely indoor bonsai formed from three trees each with character trunks supporting pretty quick growing leaves. The leaves are a fresh green and this vigorous bonsai has a wonderful powerful trunk.
Potted into a classic cream glazed ceramic pot with matching drip tray.


All the bonsai in our Premium Range come complete with matching bonsai pot and humidity tray. Premium Range bonsai represent the very best in quality. The highest standards are maintained in pruning, styling and repotting, with the use of high grade potting media.
* a premium Ligustrum bonsai in an ornate ceramic bonsai pot 
* Height (cm): 31
* Pot size (cm): 26 x 20
* Pot details: Cream glazed rectangular bonsai pot with matching drip tray
* Trunk diameter (cm): 2
* Approximate age (years): 13
* Matching ceramic humidity tray 

Bonsai Variety

The Ligustrum sinense is a stunning indoor bonsai variety with a highly refined shape and full lush canopy. It is a fast growing and vigorous bonsai tree which is extremely easy to care for and has a very strong structure. Great for beginners with an extremely Oriental inspired shape.


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