Stunning Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree with Wonderful Exposed Roots & accentuated curves


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With it's foliage pads nicely positioned on the outside of the trunk curves this bonsai has a look of space and tranquility. Follow the trunk as it meanders from base to tip, and stop off on the way to admire it's wonderful branches. This is a nice sized Chinese Elm bonsai for a window sill or desk, with great potential symbolising courage and harmony. 
The exposed roots are powerful and commanding and give the tree a feel of permanence and longevity.

This is an outstanding Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) bonsai, symbolizing inner-strength, intuition, wisdom, and love.

This bonsai is a unique masterpiece, made individual by its fascinating exposed roots. This gives the bonsai its own personal character, twisting up into a winding trunk. The tree's own beauty is only enhanced by the accentuated curves. Outstretched branches accentuate the bonsai's every turn, allowing leaves of a dark-malachite green to encircle it.  

This bonsai is grounded within a pretty cream ceramic pot, with matching ceramic tray. A small Chinese figurine is nestled between the roots in the shade pf the branches.

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Product Description

Graceful, mature, an artistic bonsai tree. Highly refined Chinese Elm bonsai with beautiful attention to detail.
This bonsai has a very natural twiggy structure and beautiful flowing trunk. Naturally inspired indoor bonsai which is ideal for beginners.
Potted into a lovely cream coloured ceramic bonsai pot with matching tray.
• This is the bonsai you will receive!


• Height (cm): 37
• Pot size (cm): 26 x 20
• Pot details: Cream rectangualr ceramic bonsai pot.
• Trunk Diameter (cm): 3
• Approximate age (years): 16
• Matching ceramic humidity tray
• FREE bonsai care leaflet 
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Bonsai Variety

The Chinese Elm Bonsai (Ulmus parvifolia) makes a wonderful natural bonsai. The small bright green leaves are perfectly proportioned and this bonsai tree has a delightful twiggy structure making a perfect representation of a woodland tree. This bonsai makes an ideal starter bonsai. 


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