Superb Turkey Oak Bonsai Tree (Quercus cerris) - 22 years in sleek black pot with superb trunk taper


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A lovely Turkey Oak bonsai for sale in a sleek black oval glazed ceramic bonsai pot with powerful strong trunk flow.
This bonsai is 22 years old and has very pretty lobbed shaped leaves. A beautiful open structured bonsai allowing the viewer to appreciate the overall structure.
The Turkey Oak (Quercus cerris) is a very easy bonsai to care for so would be ideal for beginners. This incredible bonsai has an absolutely superb trunk taper; from the powerful start to the trunk flowing upwards with true elegance.
It is a European native tree variety and is not a fussy bonsai to grow. Particularly easy for beginners; a very hardy outdoor bonsai which is held in high regard across Europe. 

Flowers: Pretty catkins

Fruits:  Acorns are quite distinct - orange at the base, graduating to a green-brown tip, and with a 'hairy' acorn 'cup', which looks like a hat made of moss. 


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Product Description

I love the shape of the leaves. Beautiful mature trunk with pretty shaped foliage.


Height (cm): 51
Pot Size (cm): 25 x 20
Trunk Diameter (cm): 4
Age (years): 22
Bonsai Pot: Sleek black glazed oval bonsai pot.
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai

Bonsai Variety

Turkey Oak (Quercus cerris) 
Native to the Mediterranean areas the Turkey oak makes a handsome bonsai with dark green, fury leaves with deep cut lobes. The turkey oak can be very late to lose its foliage in the autumn and often retains some foliage during mild winters. It is an easy tree to care for and should be shaped by pruning. The trunk thickens nicely and the bark is dark grey giving the bonsai a silhouette look.


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