Tall flowering cherry blossom (kojo no mai) bonsai tree with delicate pink flowers


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This is the exact bonsai you will receive!
Its cherry blossom pastel pink flowers create a delicate and elegant asthetic
A very ornamental variety of Cherry (Prunus Kojo No Mai). A bonsai favourite.
The beutifull cream rectangular pot adds to the overall effect of the delicate spring blossom.
(photographed with the buds just opening). 


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Product Description

Perfect little starter bonsai. Dainty with unique twig structure, exposed roots and twisty trunk. The pastel pink (springtime) flowers create a wonderful asthetic.  
This is the exact bonsai you will receive. 


Age: 7 years
Height (cm): 45
Pot Size (cm): 21 x 16
Trunk Diameter (cm): 1.5
Pot Colour: Classic cream rectangular ceramic bonsai pot.

Bonsai Variety

Wild Cherry/Sweet Cherry (Prunus avium)
The wild cherry is arguibly one of our most beautiful native woodland trees. It will definitely bring a brilliant splash of colour to your garden. The lovely Reddish-brown bark, beautiful bright white spring blossom and rich autumn tones are offered in abundance. 


Bonsai Care


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