Aesthetic house plants are a wonderful addition to your interior space. Bonsai are the perfect indoor plants as they are easy to keep and provide an all year round interest due to being evergreen; they also symbolise beautiful meanings. Studies have found that caring for plants helps to reduce stress and anxiety! They boost your mood and promoting the release of serotonin. Bonsai are effective in carbon absorption (which is responsible for climate change); they are aiding in the fight for Clean Air. Thus, creating a cleaner environment. Here are a few of my favourite bonsai!

Aesthetically Pleasing Bonsai

The Chinese Sweet Plum

The Sageretia Theezans are fruiting trees which display small purple fruits during summer. They grow tan/red tips through the foliage during warmer months and benefit from a lush canopy. Their trunks have a lovely red tone with incredible characteristics throughout; they typically have fantastic root exposure. They symbolise protection, creativity, new life & warm wishes. A fabulous symbolisation to bring into the home!

The Roseapple / Myrtle

The Syzygium Buxifolium are flowering and fruiting bonsai which grow cherry like fruits in Autumn after their cream flowers blossom in summer. The foliage also grows blush red tips throughout their wonderful canopies. The bark of the trunk is red-toned and have excellent features from top to roots. This variety radiates love, good fortune, long life & joyful living; an exceptional meaning to manifest through the home.

The Fig

The Ficus Retusa is a phenomenal variety which is highly popular for it’s aerial roots and ease to care for. It’s perfect for beginners and homes with lower light levels. It is not a fussy bonsai when it comes to positioning. The trunks have beautiful shaping with silver striations and incredible aerial roots. These trees symbolise health, fertility & love; another fitting symbolisation to have radiating through the home.

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