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The world of bonsai can seem more complicated than it is due to complex names for techniques, growth and features. This series of blog posts will be pointed towards explaining different bonsai wording to make things a little bit easier to understand. Starting with bonsai ramification.

This is when you divide a stem or limbs of a bonsai into smaller branches. The aim of ramification is to create a dense, inward growth of branches rather than an outward growth; making the foliage canopy thicker. This process also allows the bonsai leaves to receive more light, consequently, more energy and growth.

The ramification process includes pinching, pruning and tapering. When done correctly, the bonsai’s design will look much cleaner and it will look like a miniature tree. A bonsai with lots of ramification will be easier to shape and the natural taper gives the bonsai a more natural appearance.

Taper” refers to the thickness becoming thinner from one end to the other; whether that’s the trunk or branches. The main branch should be thinner than the trunk with thinner secondary branches coming from it. The main branch grows out of the trunk, the secondary branches then grow out of the main branch. Lastly, the tertiary branches grow from the secondary branches.

When trying to create a neater look to your bonsai, it may be beneficial to wire the branches too. Wiring and shaping them into the correct position first will allow you to see the natural shape of the foliage which will help you to see where ramification would be needed. If you are considering wiring your tree, take a look at our wiring kits.

I have found a few really helpful images from a website called bonsaibark which perfectly demonstrates ramification.

Check out these premium trees which display excellent ramification.

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  1. I have just ordered my first bonsai and it was delivered yesterday – great service and beautiful little tree! The bonsai has actually peaked my interest. I’m going to bookmark your web site and maintain checking for brand spanking new information. I have enjoyed reading all your information. The bonsai came with full care sheet. Really happy. Hoping to order some soon for birthday pressies 🙂

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