The perfect gift for green thumbs. Bonsai are eco-friendly gifts that are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are effective in carbon absorption. Carbon absorption is responsible for climate change. Bonsai are a different gift than other interior plants as you are able to create your own shaped tree. Bonsai are ideal for nature lovers as they bring a little bit of nature into the home.

Pruning Kits

Pruning kits for bonsai, nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts

Our pruning kits are a wonderful way to start learning about the art of bonsai. Pruning allows you to appreciate how a bonsai’s foliage canopy is shaped and created.

Bonsai Master Lloyd Noall, from Bonsai Direct, has designed these pruning kits to be informative and stimulating whilst motivating you in your bonsai journey. Firstly, every kit is supplied with easy to follow Step-by-Step guides and online tutorials, perfect for learning how to grow a bonsai tree. You will also be supplied with a beautiful pre-styled Chinese Elm Indoor bonsai. Above all, this is an outstanding beginners bonsai with immense character and beautiful shape & proportions.

Pruning and Wiring Kits

Pruning and wiring kits for bonsai, nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts

If you are looking for something a little more hands on than just pruning, wiring is an excellent choice. Learning how to style your bonsai allows you to create a shape you would like.

Lloyd has designed the pruning & wiring kit to be fun, informative and inspiring. Each kit is supplied with simple Step-by-Step guides and online tutorials, which are great for learning how to grow a bonsai tree. You will also be supplied with a Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) indoor bonsai. Additionally, it is also the most ‘tree like’ indoor bonsai with a very natural appearance. The kit includes the accessories required to prune and grow healthy trees.

Pruning, Wiring and Potting Kits

Pruning, wiring and potting kits for bonsai, nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts

The ultimate kit for someone with green thumbs. With these kits you can position your tree how you like, create your own shape and style the foliage to your taste.

Lloyd has put this fantastic mega bonsai kit together which contains everything including a fabulous Large size twisty trunked Chinese Elm bonsai tree. Easy to follow pictorial step by step guide, watch the online video with Lloyd doing what he does best – teaching the art of bonsai – then get stuck in!
Unquestionably, this kit is incredible value and great fun. It is ideal for beginners and would make a great gift.

Nature lovers, gardening fanatics and green fingered people love the thought behind a hands on gift. If you’re looking for a more established gift, check out our incredible gift sections!