Cat with bonsai

Bonsai are the perfect pet friendly gift. Bonsai are also economically friendly and they aid carbon consumption (which is responsible for climate change).

Pet friendly house plants make wonderful gifts as they can be enjoyed without fearing for your animals health. Our cats regularly scratch on bonsai, eat leaves and sleep next to them; they love the bonsai! In addition, our little pup Pogo spends his days playing, sleeping and eating around the nursery. I have listed a few of our indoor varieties below;

The Chinese Elm

The Chinese Elm or Ulmus Parvifolia is an extremely hardy variety. These trees are perfect for beginners as they are easy to care for and can live indoors or outdoors. Please bare in mind, if you do keep your Chinese Elm outdoors it will become deciduous; these trees are hardy to -5°C. This variety symbolises inner strength, intuition, wisdom & love.

Cat with bonsai

The Oriental Tea Tree

The Oriental Tea Tree or Carmona Microphylla is a flowering bonsai. The foliage is a deep green colour with a glossy finish; these trees will grow dainty white flowers during summer months. The bark on this variety tends to have a creamy texture. This species symbolises courage & heart, love & devotion.

The Chinese Sweet Plum

The Chinese Sweet Plum or Sageretia Theezans is a fruiting bonsai. During summer months the foliage will display tan/red tips with small purple plum-like fruits. The bark has a red-tone and this variety usually shows exceptional root exposure. These trees symbolise protection, creativity, new life & warm wishes.

Cat with bonsai

The Tree of a Thousand Stars / Snowrose

The Tree of a Thousand Stars / Snowrose or Serissa Foetida is a flowering tree. This variety displays pointed leaves with petite white flowers during summer months. Like the Oriental Tea Tree, the bark is usually a creamy texture. These trees have incredible root exposure with characteristic features. The Snowrose radiates well being, good luck & hope.

The Roseapple / Myrtle

The Roseapple / Myrtle or Syzygium Buxifolium is a fruiting and flowering variety. During summer months the foliage will grow blush/red tips with cream flowers. In the Autumn, small cherry-like fruits will grow! This species symbolise love, good fortune, long life & joyful living.

The Ficus Retusa

The Ficus Retusa or Fig is another easy to care for bonsai. These trees are extremely popular and are often referred to as the Banyan Tree. This variety symbolises health, fertility & love.

The Aromatic Pepper

Lastly, the Aromatic Pepper or Zanthoxylum Piperitum is a fragrant variety. The pepper gives of a fresh, zesty fragrance when it’s little green leaves are pruned; the smell can fill a room! These trees symbolise purification, healing, protection, peace & harmony.

Please bare in mind that whilst bonsai are not toxic to animals, your pet could still have a reaction (more likely to any products you use for your trees health). The most common symptoms are vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pains, abdominal swelling, weakness, lethargy and excessive drooling. If you suspect your animal is having a reaction, please seek vets advice / attention immediately.