What makes a bonsai, a good bonsai? There are many attributes that make a specimen bonsai, they take years to grow, shape and style. Check out our premium section to see our incredibly crafted trees!

When a bonsai grows older, the branches will grow in a downward angle.

The foliage pads will be highly refined and full of healthy, well proportioned leaves.

The trunk will taper upwards, starting with a thick base winding to a thinner tip.

The trunk will grow branches on the outside of the curves with even space between them.

Elegant trunk flow with artistic design.

Additionally, an exposed root system will perfectly support the trunk whilst harmoniously linking the pot to the tree.

The tree will be placed in an appropriately sized, excellently coloured pot with a matching drip tray. The soil is a mix of good-quality soil and akadama.

The specimen bonsai we sell have been grown, styled and shaped by bonsai master Lloyd Noall since they were a few years old.

We sell specimen outdoor bonsai too!

We sell an incredible collection of the very best mature quality specimen outdoor bonsai trees. Uniquely mature trees with truly spectacular styling and character. We produce the very best hardy outdoor bonsai.
Lloyd has spent the last 30 years caring for some of these bonsai trees, which range from 20 – 40 years old. We have meticulously pruned and styled them on a weekly basis.
This exquisite pruning and styling has taken many decades to achieve. Please look carefully at the photographs; they show the immense detailing in the trunk flow, exposed roots and a beautiful canopy for each bonsai.
Furthermore, Lloyd’s art shines in these bonsai. They are true specimens that will enhance your garden by providing colour, artistic shapes, beautiful leaf shapes, and wonderful movement.