Temperatures starting to rise, fluffy white lambs covering the hills, longer days and lighter evenings; Spring is here!

You may have noticed that your tree needs watering and pruning more often.
Please ensure you are checking your bonsai tree’s soil everyday. You may not need to water it everyday but you should definitely be checking the soil twice a day. You need to make sure that the soil is kept just damp at all times. We recommend you use our bonsai feed once a week and mist your tree twice a week to increase humidity. You can use our bonsai mist (which we would recommend) or you can use water. If you would like some recommendations on care products, please feel free to contact us.

Pruning is an important part of bonsai health. Many people are scared to trim the shoots, however, pruning actually encourages back budding. If you are unsure on where to start pruning your tree, Bonsai Master Lloyd Noall has created a brilliant series of videos which explain all areas of bonsai care. Click the “Bonsai DVD” tab on the left of this post to see a list of videos filled with invaluable knowledge.


Remember, not all varieties of bonsai require the exact same care. At this time of year we see a rise in overwatering and underwatering due to the seasonal changes. If your bonsai’ leaves become very dry and crispy, this could be a sign of overwatering. If your bonsai’ leaves develop brown/black tips, this could be a sign of overwatering. Whether you are unsure what your specific bonsai needs or you are concerned about your bonsai’ health please send us an email with some good-quality photos of your entire tree and we can advise you further.

We have got some incredible offers on in our Easter Sale to celebrate the arrival of Spring! Please note, our office is closed from Thursday the 14th of April at 4pm until Tuesday the 19th of April at 9am.