Wonderful Ligustrum sinense Indoor Bonsai with beautiful structure in red pot


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This is the bonsai you would receive!
Fresh lush foliage on a wonderful powerful twisty trunk. An impressive mid-sized bonsai tree in red ceramic bonsai pot.
Beautiful lush spring foliage, artistic roots and wonderful S-Shaped trunk.
This beautiful Ligustrum sinense is a relative of the olive and represents peace and victory.
A very easy bonsai to care for so highly suitable for beginners. Tis variety of bonsai is fast growing which makes it fun to prune and style.
Bonsai care handbook included. Highly recommended.
Free delivery to most areas and full care instructions provided.

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Product Description

This is a very tasteful and powerful indoor bonsai, ideal for beginners with wonderful styling.
A medium sized bonsai ideal for windowsill or desk. Ideal for first time bonsai growers.
Very easy to care for and would make a wonderful gift.


* Height (cm): 38
* Pot size (cm): 17 x 12
* Pot details: Red rectangular shaped bonsai pot 
* Trunk diameter (cm): 2
* Approximate age (years): 13
* matching ceramic humidity tray 

Bonsai Variety

The Ligustrum sinense is a stunning indoor bonsai variety with a highly refined shape and full lush canopy. It is a fast growing and vigorous bonsai tree which is extremely easy to care for and has a very strong structure. Great for beginners with an extremely Oriental inspired shape.


Bonsai Care


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