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Japanese Holly – Evergreen & Hardy with Highly Refined Layered Design

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The root flare & sweeping majestic design of this Japanese Holly (Ilex crenata) is superb. A highly refined & distinctive bonsai with impressive artistic flair. A really beautiful bonsai which comes highly recommended for beginners.

This is the exact bonsai you will receive!

This is a wonderful Japanese Holly that is a lovely rewarding bonsai because of the small white flowers, and black berries in mature years.I adore the sweeping yet commanding aged & beautiful trunk flow.
This bonsai is truly beautiful, with dainty unique twig structure, miniature deep green leaves and a very pretty structure.
The foliage shape is gorgeous, the branch structure has lovely shape and lets the light flow between them.
A popular variety of bonsai because of its lovely shape and diversity of locations to grow.
Comes potted in a quality leaden blue ceramic pot with matching drip tray.
This bonsai would look lovely in your garden or patio area.

The Japanese Holly (Ilex crenata) is native to east China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. It is an evergreen bonsai with small leaves, tiny white flowers and black fruits which tolerates constant pruning very well, this displaying a highly refined and artistic shape
During late spring and summer months, this bonsai can be kept outdoors in partial shade to full sun. If kept indoors, place on a windowsill that gets partial sun and is away from heaters. During cooler months, keep you Japanese Holly in a cool, unheated room that is well-lit in order to create dormant months for your tree. Please ensure you protect from frosts.
A very well balanced bonsai which is aesthetically very pretty.

I feel this bonsai has wonderful character. the trunk taper is excellent and the charming root flare (nebari) leads the viewers eye up through the branches. The branches themselves are very distinctive & highly refined forming a layered effect of foliage pads. I love it and an ideal species for beginners due to its ease of care.

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