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Chinese Blush Tree & Cuphea [Striking pink/purple flowers]

The Chinese Blush Tree (Loropetalum Chinensis Rubrum) is a member of the Witch-Hazel family.

This little bonsai displays stunning purple foliage and bright pink spidery flowers. This is undoubtedly the most striking and colourful indoor bonsai. Ideal for beginners and fun as a starter bonsai tree.

Furthermore, the Blush Tree is an extremely adaptable bonsai. It will grow both indoors or outdoors but please protect from hard frosts.  We love the amazing colours. During spring and autumn the leaves are purple and then fade in mid summer to a deep green. Also, the flowers on this bonsai are truly spectacular – hot pink in flowers with long slender petals. A striking bonsai in so many ways.

Cuphea [Purple Blossom Bonsai]

A beautiful evergreen indoor bonsai species with superb proportions and prolific purple/pink flowers during summer months. A lush and full variety of Bonsai which displays bright spring green leaves and small, delicate purple/pinky flowers. Cuphea trees will flower for most of the summer months making it a beautiful variety for Bonsai.

A bonsai which is easy to grow and is thus ideal for beginners; the Cuphea is popular as a bonsai for the charm of its long flowering period and striking lavender-purple blossoms. A splendid indoor bonsai often grown as coppiced or multi-stemmed design to make most advantage of the plentiful flowers. The flowers are considered attractive to honeybees and other pollinators such as Hummingbirds. A bonsai which symbolises good luck and wishes which come true.


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