Syzygium Bonsai – The Perfect Indoor Tree | Frequently called a Roseapple, Flowering Myrtle or Brush Cherry Bonsai.

 Syzygium Bonsai for sale
Attributes of the Syzygium buxifolium bonsai tree

Syzygium buxifolium – The most sensational evergreen flowering easy care indoor bonsai tree variety.

The stunning Syzygium buxifolium has beautiful cream flowers, seasonal blush red leaves & cherry like fruits.

The Syzygium bonsai is one of the tougher species of indoor bonsai. Noted for its sensational soft cream flowers with long central stamens (like tiny roses in ivory). Gorgeous summers flowers are replaced by soft red/pink/blush tiny round fruits in early autumn.

Additionally, this is a very cheerful species of indoor, perfect for beginners, with beautiful reddish bark. This bonsai tree also displays lovely blush red tips to the new leaves.

A superb little bonsai with naturally miniature proportions & beautifully symbolises love, good fortune, long life and joyful living thus making it the most perfect gift for most occasions. whatever the event, a treat for yourself, a birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift this stunning bonsai comes highly recommended.

The Roseapple is a native species to South Africa. Furthermore, this bonsai has been a symbol of love, becoming an emblem for marriage. They are also believed to be the flower of the gods, being sacred to the Greek goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Additionally, they also symbolises good fortune. Culturally, it is believed that cultivating a Roseapple plant will usher in peace and love to your home. 

Known by many names The Rose Apple Bonsai tree, Flowering Myrtle and Brush Cherry. The Syzygium bonsai is a stunning variety which has small delicate, creamy flowers that gather in clusters. These clusters of flowers can create a charming visual effect, especially when they bloom. They have long stamens that make them appear like a miniature rose. The flowers might be accompanied by a sweet, subtle fragrance, enhancing the overall appeal.

The new leaves display reddish or bronze tones when they’re young, which is quite striking. The leaves’ glossy surface contributes to their aesthetic appeal, as they reflect light and give the tree a healthy, vibrant appearance. As the leaves mature they turn a vivid green; bright and cheerful.

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