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Christmas Bonsai Gifts – Magical Christmas Plant Gift Ideas

Bonsai Direct is dedicated to offering the very best Christmas bonsai tree gifts, stylish evergreen and flowering Christmas Plant Gifts for friends and family. Beautifully presented with a first-class delivery service. Courier next working day delivery is FREE to most areas of the UK. You can choose the delivery date! More Information on CHRISTMAS DELIVERY >

Please also consider our PREMIUM RANGE of Indoor Bonsai with outstanding quality & individual images. Every gift is special, beautifully styled with immense artistic appeal and treated with the utmost care and attention. Bonsai trees make stunning, unique and unusual gifts to delight your friends and family. We offer a wonderful range of beginners bonsai kits too. These are easy to care for and include essentials such as feed & pruning scissors.

Additionally, you can personalise any tree with your special words on a personalised plaque label and choose from a range of delightful gift wrap options.

Furthermore, for your convenience, you may choose the perfect delivery date.
We deliver 7 days a week.
Christmas Day is a Monday this year so our last order date is Thursday 21st December for FREE delivery, but if you can order earlier it would be appreciated as this enables us to get organised for the Christmas rush! For premium delivery we shall the last order date will be Friday 22nd December.


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Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) (1)
  • Special Serissa bonsai Christmas gift - stunningOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Tree of a thousand Stars/Snowrose bonsai [Serissa foetida] Christmas Gift Set

  • Mid sized flowering bonsai starter kit Christmas giftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 33cm Age. 12yrs

    Christmas Beginners Medium Sized Twisty Flowering Tea Tree Bonsai Kit – BEST BUY SAVE 20%

  • Beginners Chinese elm festive Christmas favourite indoor bonsai with snowman tagOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Pretty Indoor Christmas Bonsai Gift with Twisty Design

  • Beginners simple Christmas bonsai tree for saleOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Easy for Beginners Twisty Indoor Bonsai Tree Favourite with Merry Christmas Robin Tag

  • Simply flowering Christmas bonsai for sale with Robin tagOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 28cm Age. 8yrs

    Special Offer Oriental Tea Tree Flowering Indoor Bonsai – Merry Christmas

  • Twisty sweet plum Christmas bonsai tree giftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 27cm Age. 8yrs

    Traditional Christmas Twisty Sweet Plum Bonsai Gift

  • Delightful Dwarf Bonsai Christmas GiftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 20cm Age. 6yrs

    Flowering Miniature Tea Tree Bonsai Christmas Gift | Star-Shaped White Flowers. SAVE OVER 20%

  • Christmas Bonsai kit with accessoriesOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 33cm Age. 12yrs

    Christmas Beginners Twisty Indoor Bonsai Starter Kit Bargain – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Small cute serissa bonsai tree Christmas giftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 25cm Age. 8yrs

    Cute Christmas Miniature Bonsai Tree | Thousand Stars [Snowrose] Indoor Bonsai with White Flowers

  • Exemplary Serissa bonsai tree mature Christmas Bonsai tree giftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 36cm Age. 12yrs

    Stunning Christmas Serissa Bonsai Gift | Fantastic 12 Year Old Tree of a thousand Stars [Snowrose]

  • supreme Christmas bonsai plant gift set with accessoriesOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Festive Twisty Sweet Plum Bonsai Gift – Fun, Creative & Beautiful

  • Zanthoxylum piperitum or Aromatic Pepper Christmas bonsai tree for sale UKOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 12yrs

    25% OFF! Zesty Indoor Aromatic Pepper Christmas Tree Bonsai Gift – Ideal for Beginners

  • Incredible Christmas tree bonsai starter kit offerOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 33cm Age. 12yrs

    Ficus Retusa Christmas Tree Bonsai Gift – Wonderful Beginners Kit! SAVE 25%

  • Wow bonsai tree Christmas Special - Huge bonsaiThis is the bonsai tree you will receiveOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 68cm Age. 28yrs

    Extra-Large Specimen Chinese Elm Indoor Bonsai for Beginners – WOW CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!!

  • Roseapple myrtle flowering Christmas bonsai tree for indoorsOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 31cm Age. 8yrs

    Festive Roseapple (Syzygium Buxifolium) Bonsai – Flowering & Fruiting

  • This is the bonsai tree you will receive

    Gift Vouchers

  • Very cute Christmas bonsai tree giftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 20cm Age. 5yrs

    Santa-Approved Aromatic Bonsai Christmas Gift Set

  • Stunning Christmas Mini Bonsai GiftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 20cm Age. 6yrs

    The Ideal Unusual Christmas Gift – Unique & Inspired

  • Christmas Sweet plum woodland style bonsai with snowflake tagOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 28cm Age. 8yrs

    Merry Christmas Fruiting Woodland Style Beginners Indoor Bonsai with Snowflake tag

  • Flowering Indoor Bonsai beginners Starter Kit - Christmas EditionOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Beginners Flowering Starter Bonsai Kit – Merry Christmas Edition

  • Perfect Christmas gift with free next working day delivery availableOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 25cm Age. 8yrs

    Beautiful Baby Christmas Bonsai Gift Set – Choose the Variety

  • Exquisite Oriental Tea Tree Indoor Christmas GiftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Beary Christmas Flowering Oriental Tea Tree Bonsai Gift Set

  • Festive Chinese Elm bonsai with tray and snowflake tag UKOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Festive Beginners Bonsai with Merry Christmas Snowflake Tag

  • Fabulous Christmas tree bonsai with Christmas logOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Christmas Beginners Bonsai with Merry Christmas Log

  • Merry Christmas Twisty Indoor Starter Bonsai KitOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 33cm Age. 12yrs

    Chinese Elm Bonsai Starter Pack – 12 years | Merry Christmas Edition


Showing 1–25 of 68 results

Bonsai Tree Gifts for Christmas

Bonsai Direct Christmas advent Offers coming ...
Unbelievably beautiful festive Christmas Gifts to delight friends and family.
Select delivery anyday on the run up to the festive period.
All you need this Christmas in our Christmas Bonsai Tree Shop

Are you struggling with secret Santa stress? Unsure what to get your family and friends? Our range of carefully selected bonsai Christmas presents are a unique gift that won’t be forgotten.
As well as being a wonderful aesthetic addition to a home, bonsai tree cultivation is a truly fascinating ancient art form and the gift of a bonsai tree could be the start of an exciting new hobby for a friend or loved one that will bring pleasure and enjoyment for years to come.
We also offer a range of accessories, bonsai kits and tools that can make great stocking fillers and offer beautiful gift wrap options, allowing you to create a truly unique and unforgettable gift. The perfect bonsai for Christmas at a bargain price

Special Offer Oriental Tea Tree Flowering Indoor Bonsai – Merry Christmas

View Product →

Can Bonsai be Gifted for Christmas?

Are you looking for something different to give this Christmas?
Something beautiful and unique. Perhaps to add a touch of greenery to your home.
Bonsai are delightful small trees with the cute factor which will add interest, nature and beauty.

The main purpose of growing indoor bonsai is to add something pretty to your home, like a beautiful piece of art a bonsai can truly enhance a room and look extremely decorative.

Reasons to gift a bonsai.

  •  A bonsai will live for years – with the correct care a bonsai will last a lifetime and only improve, unlike a bunch of flowers which will wither and die within a few days. A bonsai truly is the gift to last a lifetime.
  • Brings all year round pleasure – a bonsai displays seasonal changes such as flowering, fruiting or the changing of leaf colour. The shape and canopy of a bonsai are beautifully ornamental.
  •  Will look stunning with any type of decor – due to the very natural appearance on indoor bonsai trees they will look beautiful within any decor or colour scheme. We offer a range of different coloured bonsai pots so there is always the perfect fit.
  • Perfect for adding a touch of greenery and nature to your home – whether in your home or office and bonsai will always look pleasing whether on a table, windowsill or desk.
  •  An environmental gift – we all know that growing trees is good for the environment and bonsai are no exception – Bonsai have been shown to be effective in carbon absorption (binding atmospheric carbon which is responsible for climate change) and aids in the fight for Clean Air. For example, the Jade tree (Bonsai of good luck & prosperity) can absorb more carbon from the earth’s atmosphere than most other plants and is extremely efficient and effective.

BONSAI… the perfect gift to give this Christmas.
* Stunning, top quality festive bonsai gifts.
* The choice to personalise your gift.
* Optional gift wrapping in cellophane with pretty bows or natural ribbons and jute.
* Fast and Efficient Service – FREE Next day delivery available.
* Choose your delivery dates.
* Bonsai gifts to suit all budgets.



Bonsai Tree Christmas Gift Q & A


What is the last order date?

Last order date for FREE Christmas delivery – Thursday 22nd December before 3:30pm for delivery to England, Wales and Southern Scotland.

Can I order a bonsai now and choose Christmas delivery?

Yes of course, please choose the best delivery date for you on the calendar at the checkout. You will receive full notification of delivery with delivery options.

How long can I keep the bonsai in the box or gift wrapping?

Your bonsai will be fine in its box for up to 5 days. The gift wrap is designed so that water can be trickled onto the soil.

Can you deliver the gift directly to friends and family?

With all orders at Bonsai Direct you may choose the shipping address and add a gift message

Can I place an order by phone?

You may order by telephone – simply call us on 01363 7877752. Please bear in mind we will be unseasonably busy so you may find it quicker to order online but we are very happy to take your order in person.

Is the packaging safe and secure?

We have bespoke packaging and use a next working day courier service to ensure your bonsai is delivered in perfect condition.

I would like to view details about delivery over the Christmas period?

Please CLICK HERE to view our Christmas Bonsai Gift Delivery Information page

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