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Bonsai Tree Care Accessories for sale

Bonsai Direct offers a wide range of bonsai tree care accessories from bonsai fertiliser, misters, drip trays for indoor trees, plant invigorator/mist, leaf conditioner and bonsai scissors and bonsai care handbook. This carefully selected range of accessories will help you to nurture and care for your beautiful bonsai.

Our most popular Bonsai Tree Care Kits are Beginners Bonsai Care Kit – The Essentials which is perfect for anyone growing their first bonsai tree. We also offer a Comprehensive Bonsai Care Kit which is similar to the above but includes the bonsai leaf conditioner also.

For specific accessories please see bonsai tree watering, bonsai feeding, bonsai pruning, bonsai wiring and bonsai pots categories.

Firstly, the most important accessories for growing healthy bonsai trees are the fertiliser and pruning scissors. Bonsai trees are completely dependant upon us for providing the nutrients for growth and vigour. Bonsai Direct fertiliser is a well-balanced feed for weekly use for all indoor and outdoor trees. This will help keep them in tip-top condition.

Similarly, pruning encourages back budding. This is the development of new shoots and leaves. Therefore a good pair of bonsai pruning scissors is essential.

Lastly, don’t forget in addition to keeping the soil damp please mist the foliage daily with water. Use a mister to do this. This is more important when the central heating is on because the air dries out and you need to increase the humidity. And don’t forget a bonsai watering can – available in 6 colour options!


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  • Watering Cans

    Premium Watering Can 0.7L – Choose the colour

  • Glass bonsai mister for increasing humidity

    Glass Bonsai Mister/Sprayer – 250ml

  • Bonsai Care Kit (T95)

    Beginners Bonsai Care Kit – The Essentials

  • Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser (T92)

    Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser (T92)

  • Bonsai watering can, invigirator mist and feed

    Bonsai Maintenance Kit | Bonsai Tree Watering Kit – Choose the watering can colour!

  • Assorted sizes of bonsai drip trays

    Bonsai Drip/Humidity Tray – 3 sizes available

  • Ceramic Bonsai Drip Tray

    Ceramic Bonsai Drip Tray/Humidity Tray – Various sizes

  • Bonsai Tree Wiring Kit

    Bonsai Tree Wiring Kit

  • Bonsai feed, snips and mist - The Bonsai basics for care

    Beginners Bonsai Basics – Great Care Essentials for all Bonsai Varieties

  • 100g Aluminium Bonsai Wire 1mm -3.5 mm (T58)

    100g Aluminium Bonsai Wire – Choose from 7 sizes (T58)

  • Akadama Bonsai Potting Soil (T79)

    Akadama Bonsai Soil – Large 14L Bag [FREE Shipping Available]

  • Akadama Bonsai Potting Soil (T79)

    Akadama Soil | Bonsai Soil – Small 2L Bag [FREE SHIPPING AVAILABLE]

  • Bonsai Mist - For Healthy Bonsai Trees

    Bonsai Mist – 300ml spray

  • sb plant invigorator suitable for all bonsai species

    Plant Invigorator – 500ml [Suitable for all bonsai]

  • Bonsai Potting Mesh

    Bonsai Potting Mesh

  • Bonsai Watering Set

    Bonsai Watering Kit – Choose the watering can colour!

  • Brass Bonsai tree mister

    Brass Finish Bonsai Mister

  • Small bonsai pruning scissors

    Small Bonsai Pruning Scissors – Great Value

  • Chinese Bonsai Pruning Scissors

    Chinese Long- Handled Bonsai Pruning Scissors

  • Quality bonsai tree root shears

    Chinese Top Quality Bonsai Root Shears

  • Twig shear for pruning small twigs and branches on bonsai trees

    Chinese Top Quality Bonsai Twig Shears

  • Fine long handled bonsai pruning scissors

    Chinese Top Quality Long-Handled Bonsai Fine Pruning Scissors [205mm]

  • Larger sized drip trays for sale

    Larger Plastic bonsai drip tray for sale – 4 sizes available

  • Comprehensive Kit with fantastic bonsai tools UK

    Comprehensive Bonsai Tool Kit

  • Bonsai tree care kit for indoor & outdoor trees

    Comprehensive Bonsai Tree Care Kit


Showing 1–25 of 32 results

We stock a wide range of bonsai accessories to help you care for your little tree!

Care products are an instrumental part of the art of bonsai. We provide all the necessary tools to really help you maintain the strength and health of your bonsai.

A tree planted in the ground will naturally receive its nutrients from the soil and surroundings. As a bonsai is planted in a pot, you become the master of the bonsai micro-environment.

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