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Beginners Indoor Bonsai Kits

We grow beginners indoor bonsai kits for complete beginners. We provide a beautiful bonsai tree within the kit – you can choose from a wide variety – with a drip tray to protect your furniture and aid humidity.

Bonsai pruning scissors, the care handbook and bonsai fertilizer are in the pack. The fertiliser is designed to promote growth & condition leaves. We offer free fast delivery to most of the UK and fabulous online tutorials.

These kits would also be ideal as unusual Birthday or Christmas gift ideas.

We provide all the necessary components to start your bonsai journey, so it’s therefore a great alternative gift for your loved one, or simply a great way to get started yourself.

We say that the craft of bonsai is more of a journey than a destination. With the right tools in this bonsai kit, you can start off in the best way. Select only the easiest trees to prune, shape and care for. It’s a much more enjoyable experience for you.

Have far less frustration starting with a ready-made tree. If you grow your bonsai from seed it takes much longer. That is to say, you or your giftee won’t be appreciate it so instantly.


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Showing all 9 results

My favourite indoor beginner’s bonsai kit

Outstanding Twisty Flowering Tea Tree Bonsai Kit – Choose your watering can!
I have selected this kit to feature as I love flowering bonsai. This kit includes a medium-sized (12-year-old) Oriental Tea tree; perfect for warmer rooms and displaying such as wonderful oriental structure with twisty S-Shaped trunk with highly refined branches.

During summer months small white flowers shine against the lush deep green leaves. A bonsai with prefers to be kept slightly on the drier side, so not demanding on ones time.

This kit also includes all the extras as standard. Bonsai fertiliser, a drip tray, pruning scissors, care handbook and watering can. We offer a choice of 6 colours of quality watering cans – Cheerful daffodil yellow, sage green, forest green, duck-egg blue, bMid sized Tea tree indoor bonsai kit for saleright red, and midnight blue.

The Oriental Tea Tree is a stunning, artistic bonsai with beautiful white flowers which symbolises courage and ‘heart’. A fabulous variety to signify love & devotion.

* The watering can photographed is the duck-egg blue.

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