We started growing bonsai trees over 30 years ago and owned a well-established Bonsai Centre in West Sussex. Bonsai Direct has grown from there, offering the very best in quality indoor and outdoor bonsai trees for sale, beginners starter kits, and the most exquisite range of bonsai gifts and care accessories for all.

We are bonsai experts and bonsai master Lloyd Noall trains all of our staff to meet the standards you expect.

Bonsai Quality

Quality and service are our highest priorities. We grow all of our trees with the best possible care and attention to detail. Every week, we check and prune the bonsai, ensuring they are in the best possible shape. They are styled by hand in the same meticulous way that has been performed for generations. Therefore, every bonsai is unique and is artistically beautiful. You can be assured that the bonsai you receive will be delivered in perfect health. All bonsai trees are supplied with full care instructions.

Bonsai Packaging & Delivery

We package all of our orders in bespoke boxes and shipped using a fast and efficient courier service. You can choose your delivery date and will be notified (by text/e-mail) of the 1 hour delivery slot. FREE Next working day delivery is available to most areas of the UK. We deliver 7 days a week and fast premium delivery options are also available.

Bonsai Tree Gifts

Our gift selection is second to none. We offer the very best bonsai tree gifts with personalisation options, a stunning selection of gift wraps, the ability to be able to select a delivery date and the best customer service experience.

Our Service

Bonsai Direct is a well-established bonsai supplier offering a fabulous range and variety of bonsai species. We offer beautiful trees for beginners and specimen choices for enthusiasts. We have renowned expert knowledge and after care service, and our ethos is for superb customer service. Our seasonal gift collections are inspiring with stunning highly refined and artistic bonsai trees, fabulous personalisation and gift wrap options and a truly outstanding delivery service.

Premium Indoor Bonsai

For those who are looking for an extra special bonsai, a bonsai which has received even greater attention to detail and is supplied with beautiful pot and matching drip tray we offer a range of Premium Indoor Bonsai Trees. Individually photographed so that you can choose the actual bonsai you would like to order and all the gift wrap and personalisation options you would expect if you wish to send someone a gorgeous present.

Bonsai Direct History

Lloyd Noall started growing bonsai over 30 years ago and to say that he has a passion for bonsai is an understatement, for it is in his blood. He started on the bonsai journey in his late teens. His first bonsai was a little fig, which of course he killed with over zealousness. After that he went on to grow numerous other bonsai, some pre-styled and some from raw material. After about ten years of growing and learning he realised that one of the problems with the art of bonsai is the misunderstanding that surrounds it. This is where his quest began.

Lloyd wanted to show people that bonsai are not weird, difficult, contorted little things that only Mr Miyagi could grow. So he started a bonsai nursery. He wanted to grow bonsai and to show others how to do the same. The nursery grew and grew, with thousands of bonsai and two fully equipped classrooms with hundreds of students regularly attending. It soon became one of the top bonsai nurseries in the UK.

Over the years Lloyd has given lectures, hosted bonsai festivals, taught hundreds of people and hopefully inspired many others. After many years of bonsai nursery life Lloyd and his team started Bonsai Direct, a large online bonsai nursery offering quality indoor and outdoor bonsai and a wonderful gift collection with an outstanding delivery service.

With offices now based in Devon, the Bonsai Direct Team offer the very best bonsai trees and service, delivering bonsai throughout the UK and Europe.