About Bonsai Direct: Your Trusted Bonsai Experts and Online Nursery

With a passion for bonsai that spans over 30 years, Bonsai Direct emerged from a well-established Bonsai Centre in West Sussex. Today, we proudly offer the finest selection of indoor and outdoor bonsai trees for sale, beginner starter kits, and an exquisite range of bonsai gifts and care accessories. Our team, trained by bonsai master Lloyd Noall, is dedicated to upholding the highest standards in quality and service.

Unmatched Bonsai Quality and Care

At Bonsai Direct, quality and service are our top priorities. We nurture every bonsai tree with meticulous care and attention to detail. Regular pruning and styling by hand ensure that each bonsai is artistically beautiful and unique. Rest assured, the bonsai you receive will be delivered in perfect health, accompanied by comprehensive care instructions.

Efficient Bonsai Packaging & Delivery

We take great care in packaging your orders using bespoke boxes and efficient courier services. Enjoy the convenience of choosing your delivery date and receiving text/email notifications for the 1-hour delivery slot. We offer FREE next working day delivery to most areas of the UK, including 7-day delivery options. Fast premium delivery is also available for your convenience.

Exquisite Bonsai Tree Gifts

Discover our unparalleled selection of bonsai tree gifts at Bonsai Direct. With personalisation options, stunning gift wraps, and the ability to select delivery dates, we provide the perfect gifting experience. Our commitment to exceptional customer service ensures a memorable and delightful gift-giving journey.

Superb Service and Expertise

As a well-established bonsai supplier, Bonsai Direct offers a diverse range of bonsai species to suit both beginners and enthusiasts. Our renowned expert knowledge and after-care service ensure you receive comprehensive support throughout your bonsai journey. Be inspired by our seasonal gift collections featuring highly refined and artistic bonsai trees, accompanied by outstanding personalisation, gift wrap options, and reliable delivery service.

Premium Indoor Bonsai Trees

For those seeking truly exceptional bonsai trees, our Premium Indoor Bonsai collection awaits. These meticulously crafted bonsai trees receive extra attention to detail and come with beautiful pots and matching drip trays. Each tree is individually photographed, allowing you to select the exact bonsai you desire. Complete your gift with our available gift wrap and personalisation options, perfect for sending a stunning present to a loved one.

The Bonsai Direct Journey

Lloyd Noall’s lifelong passion for bonsai led to the establishment of a renowned bonsai nursery, which flourished with thousands of trees and two fully equipped classrooms hosting eager students. Building upon this success, Lloyd and his team launched Bonsai Direct, a premier online bonsai nursery offering exceptional indoor and outdoor bonsai trees, along with a remarkable gift collection and reliable delivery service. Today, based in Devon, our dedicated team continues to provide the best bonsai trees and service, delivering throughout the UK.

Bonsai Direct and Covid-19

The pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to Bonsai Direct. As the world embraced bonsai in 2020, our sales skyrocketed, overwhelming our capacity. We, a family-run business, initially worked tirelessly during lockdown, adjusting to the unexpected surge in demand. With the dedication of our staff, including new hires, and creative use of space, we ensured efficient operations. Despite the stress and uncertainty, our love for bonsai drives us to persevere, delivering exceptional experiences to our valued customers.

A Message of Kindness and Hope

As we navigate these challenging times, we humbly ask for kindness and understanding. While we strive to provide our best, mistakes may occur. We appreciate your patience and support as we work diligently to improve. We extend our warmest wishes for a happier and brighter future in 2021 and beyond.