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Bonsai Tools for sale

Fantastic selection of quality Bonsai tools for growing and styling beautiful indoor and outdoor bonsai trees. Pruning bonsai is essential to maintain shape, proportions and promote back budding to create beautiful foliage pads. We stock a wide range of tools from Bonsai Scissors, wire and wire cutters, potting tools to soil scoops, Bonsai kits and misters.

Delivery to most areas of the UK is FREE of charge. You can also choose the most suitable delivery date – perfect if you are ordering as a gift, for a birthday or Christmas present.

Bonsai scissors, Concave Cutters, Knob Cutters, Branch Cutters and Root Shears form the basic tool kit for all Bonsai Trees. We also sell Bonsai tweezers. You can buy a complete comprehensive tool kit in a black case to keep the tools protected and together.

If you are struggling to know where to start the most essential tool is a long handled pair of bonsai pruning scissors – this will always be your go to tool.



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  • Bonsai Care Kit (T95)

    Beginners Bonsai Care Kit – The Essentials

  • Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser (T92)

    Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser (T92)

  • Bonsai Tree Wiring Kit

    Bonsai Tree Wiring Kit

  • Bonsai feed, snips and mist - The Bonsai basics for care

    Beginners Bonsai Basics – Great Care Essentials for all Bonsai Varieties

  • Bonsai Knob Cutters 180mm-0

    Bonsai Knob Cutters 180mm

  • Bonsai Mist - For Healthy Bonsai Trees

    Bonsai Mist – 300ml spray

  • sb plant invigorator suitable for all bonsai species

    Plant Invigorator – 500ml [Suitable for all bonsai]

  • Soil scoops for bonsai repotting

    Bonsai Potting Soil Scoop [Set of 3]

  • Chinese Bonsai Pruning Scissors

    Chinese Long- Handled Bonsai Pruning Scissors

  • Quality bonsai tree root shears

    Chinese Top Quality Bonsai Root Shears

  • Twig shear for pruning small twigs and branches on bonsai trees

    Chinese Top Quality Bonsai Twig Shears

  • Fine long handled bonsai pruning scissors

    Chinese Top Quality Long-Handled Bonsai Fine Pruning Scissors [205mm]

  • Chinese Heavy Duty Bonsai Shears

    Chinese Heavy Duty Bonsai Shears

  • Coir Bonsai Brush (T74)

    Coir Bonsai Brush (T74)

  • Comprehensive Kit with fantastic bonsai tools UK

    Comprehensive Bonsai Tool Kit

  • Concave Bonsai Branch Cutters 180mm

    Concave Bonsai Branch Cutters 180mm

  • Bug clear ultra treatment of bonsai pests

    Bug Clear Ultra Soil Drench – Treats Vine Weevil, Aphids, Soil Pests, Scale Insect & Mealy Bug

  • Roseclear Ultra concentrate

    RoseClear ® Ultra – 200ml Concentrated Bonsai Insecticide & Fungicide

  • Rose clear ultra gun 2

    Large 1L Bonsai Insecticide & Fungicide – RoseClear® Ultra Gun! 2

  • Insecticide and fungicide in ready to use sprayer for use on bonsai

    Medium Sized 750ml Bonsai Insecticide & Fungicide – Rosegarde

  • BugClear Ultra Gun

    Large 1L Insecticide Suitable for Bonsai – BugClear™ Ultra Gun! – Treats Caterpillars

  • Root Cutters 270mm (Bonsai Tool T24)-0

    Root Cutters 270mm (Bonsai Tool T24)

  • Root Rake/Spatula (Bonsai Tool T36)

    Root Rake/Spatula (Bonsai Tool T36)

  • Stainless Steel Jin Pliers (Bonsai Tool T42)-0

    Stainless Steel Jin Pliers (Bonsai Tool T42)

  • Stainless Steel Root Cutters (Bonsai Tool T48)-0

    Stainless Steel Root Cutters (Bonsai Tool T48)


Showing 1–25 of 29 results

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