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Bonsai Watering Accessories

We can help with keeping your bonsai hydrated by providing all the bonsai watering accessories you’ll need to keep your bonsai hydrated.

We offer a cheerful coloured selection of watering cans and misters/sprayers. These products aid watering and help maintain humidity, especially during winter months when the central heating is on. We also offer watering care kits for help you care for your indoor and outdoor miniature trees.

Additionally, we recommend keeping a tray under your Indoor bonsai to catch the drips after you water. Futhermore, this also helps with humidity around your bonsai when some water is left in the tray. Please ensure that the pot does not sit in water as you do not want to rot the roots.


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  • Watering Cans

    Premium Watering Can 0.7L – Choose the colour

  • Glass bonsai mister for increasing humidity

    Glass Bonsai Mister/Sprayer – 250ml

  • Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser (T92)

    Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser (T92)

  • Bonsai watering can, invigirator mist and feed

    Bonsai Maintenance Kit | Bonsai Tree Watering Kit – Choose the watering can colour!

  • Assorted sizes of bonsai drip trays

    Bonsai Drip/Humidity Tray – 3 sizes available

  • Ceramic Bonsai Drip Tray

    Ceramic Bonsai Drip Tray/Humidity Tray – Various sizes

  • Bonsai Mist - For Healthy Bonsai Trees

    Bonsai Mist – 300ml spray

  • sb plant invigorator suitable for all bonsai species

    Plant Invigorator – 500ml [Suitable for all bonsai]

  • Bonsai Watering Set

    Bonsai Watering Kit – Choose the watering can colour!

  • Brass Bonsai tree mister

    Brass Finish Bonsai Mister

  • Larger sized drip trays for sale

    Larger Plastic bonsai drip tray for sale – 4 sizes available

  • Nickel bonsai tree mister for sale

    Nickel Finish Bonsai Tree Mister – Silver

  • Bug clear ultra treatment of bonsai pests

    Bug Clear Ultra Soil Drench – Treats Vine Weevil, Aphids, Soil Pests, Scale Insect & Mealy Bug

  • Roseclear Ultra concentrate

    RoseClear ® Ultra – 200ml Concentrated Bonsai Insecticide & Fungicide

  • Rose clear ultra gun 2

    Large 1L Bonsai Insecticide & Fungicide – RoseClear® Ultra Gun! 2

  • Insecticide and fungicide in ready to use sprayer for use on bonsai

    Medium Sized 750ml Bonsai Insecticide & Fungicide – Rosegarde

  • BugClear Ultra Gun

    Large 1L Insecticide Suitable for Bonsai – BugClear™ Ultra Gun! – Treats Caterpillars


Showing all 17 results

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