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Our exciting Premium Indoor Bonsai Collection

We have the very best in quality premium indoor bonsai trees and gifts from the bonsai professionals, Bonsai Direct. Any trees that you see in the premium category, we individually photograph to enhance your choice, as a result, we provide all of the bonsai in our Premium Range with matching bonsai pot and humidity tray.

We maintain the highest standards in pruning, styling and repotting, and use only high-grade potting media and beautiful glazed ceramic pots. We produce the very best bonsai trees for sale, with a first-class delivery service, buy with confidence.

These bonsai make spectacular gifts and so alternative or unusual gifts for your spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend. Any premium range bonsai that you see on the site, is the bonsai that we deliver to you.

We grow all bonsai trees on our nursery, so they are supplied with full care instructions. You may choose the best delivery date on the calendar at the checkout. We deliver 7 days a week and delivery to most areas is free of charge Monday to Friday with just a small surcharge of £5.99 for weekend delivery.


Showing 1–25 of 32 results


Showing 1–25 of 32 results

Our bestselling premium indoor bonsai

Incredible Chinese Elm indoor bonsaiWhat are Premium Indoor Bonsai Trees?
At Bonsai Direct we are passionate about growing top quality bonsai trees which will bring pleasure to your home. Our premium range of indoor bonsai trees represent the very best in top quality bonsai for the home and office.

The very best of the thousands of indoor bonsai that we grow here at Bonsai Direct every year become our premium selection. These bonsai will have received more work and artistic design and often have better trunk tapers and root flare.

We use the very best in quality potting soil – a Japanese product known as Akadama. Akadama is a dried loam which is very clean and easy to work with. It has the beneficial properties of being free draining and also permits plenty of air to the fine feeder roots encouraging good root development.

The pots we use are chosen specifically to suit each individual bonsai’s character and structure. We consider many pot shapes and colours before carefully re-potting. Every pot is supplied with a ceramic drip tray.

The best quality of Japanese potting media is used (a product called Akadama, which has fabulous drainage properties & encourages the growth of small fibrous roots).

Following re-potting the bonsai will be carefully pruned, watered, feed and tended until they are individually photographed and added to our website.

We offer optional extras such as bonsai fertiliser, to help you care for your new addition. You may like to consider our gift wrap & greetings message options if you are purchasing the bonsai as a gift.

We have a fabulous delivery service with FREE next working day delivery to most areas and you can select the best delivery date at the checkout.

What are Premium Indoor Bonsai and how do they differ from the generic range of indoor bonsai trees?

Premium indoor bonsai trees represent the very best in top quality indoor bonsai trees offered for sale by Bonsai Direct. Every premium bonsai has been selected individually as having extra special qualities. These qualities have been enhanced by further styling, wiring and pruning techniques. Thus, these bonsai have undergone more work than our generic range.
Additionally, every tree in this category has been individually photographed to aid personal choice. You are actually choosing the individual bonsai which will be delivered. Each bonsai is completely unique and individual.
Our premium collection of indoor bonsai all include ceramic drip trays. I regret this is not something we can offer for our generic range of pots. The premium pots are from a more expensive collection of pots which include the humidity trays, therefore, allowing us to offer a greater diversity of colours, shapes and sizes of pots and trays.
All the bonsai in this premium indoor collection are easy to care for making them ideal for beginners to care for. Full care instructions are included with every bonsai sold by Bonsai Direct.

Why are bonsai so expensive?

A bonsai is a living work of art which takes many years to grow and style. To even achieve a simple winding S-Shaped trunk will take a minimum of 8 to 12 years and many of our premium indoor bonsai trees may be in excess of 15-30 years. Considerable thought is given to shapes, trunk flow, and branch positioning.
Every week the bonsai are pruned during the growing season. Even during winter months, bonsai are pruned every 2-3 weeks. This pruning is all done by skilled bonsai growers by hand. There is no mechanisation. They are pruned with love and care and by someone who appreciates the art.
Additionally, most of the ceramic pots are hand-made and are expensive to import. We do not manufacture pots ourselves; we purchase them from specialist manufacturers and import them. Premium bonsai include the matching drip tray.
We are also using quality bonsai soil. For our premium range of indoor bonsai, this is a Japanese soil called Akadama – a top quality product which aids drainage and has fabulous rooting properties. This is an expensive bonsai media but worth every penny.
At Bonsai Direct we use bespoke packaging to ensure that the bonsai is delivered as beautifully as it is packaged and use a next working day delivery service for which there is no additional charge to most of the UK. This is fully trackable and the tracking details are supplied to our customers.

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