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Money Tree Bonsai – Easy Care for Beginners

Bonsai Tree Meaning | Tree Symbolism: Good Luck & Prosperity

Discover the miniature Portulacaria afra tree, a stunning Money Tree bonsai variety that brings good luck and prosperity to your space. This indoor bonsai is incredibly low-maintenance, thriving in dry soil and requiring minimal watering. With its compact habit and small smooth-edged leaves, it’s an ideal choice for beginners and those with limited time for care. Symbolising good fortune, the miniature Jade, also known as the lucky money tree, features natural, tree-like craggy bark. Perfect for students and children who love having a tree to care for, this bonsai offers beauty and blessings. Additionally, the Jade tree is an excellent air purifier, absorbing carbon from the atmosphere and contributing to clean air. Experience the joy of an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-care-for bonsai with our Jade collection.


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  • Comprehensive baby bonsai kit offer for saleOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 25cm Age. 8yrs

    Comprehensive Beginners Baby Bonsai Set

  • Money tree bonsai plant with oriental templeThis is the bonsai tree you will receiveOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 38cm Age. 16yrs

    Money Plant Bonsai: A Stunning Indoor Jade Bonsai Tree – 16 years

  • Beautiful pink flowersDeciduous Bonsai Tree for SaleThis is the bonsai tree you will receiveOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 40cm Age. 14yrs

    Crassula sarcocaulis: Beautiful Pink Flowers and Captivating Bonsai Charm

  • A beautiful styled Money tree bonsai plant for sale UKThis is the bonsai tree you will receiveOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 43cm Age. 16yrs

    16 year old Money Tree Bonsai | Mature & Stylish with Easy Care


Showing all 4 results

We recommend the Jade Bonsai for minimal watering

Outstanding Indoor Bonsai for minimal watering

The miniature Jade Tree (Portulacaria afra) is an indoor bonsai which has small round pad shaped leaves and a compact habit.
This bonsai requires minimal watering so is perfect for those who forget to water!
A tree which originates from warmer climates, hence its adaption to require less water.
If you have a particularly warm room this variety will thrive.
Jade trees often feature strongly in feng shui designs and make the perfect gift symbolising luck and prosperity.

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