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Miniature Gardens – Gardening bonsai in miniature

Bonsai Gardens or mini gardens derive from the ancient art of Penjing…

The idea of miniature gardens has its origin in China. They were the precursor to the art of growing bonsai and called Penjing. The Chinese Emperors would ask their artists to re-create beautiful landscapes and scenes, which they had experienced on their travels.

The Japanese then perfected bonsai over the following centuries and refined the art into the growing of a single highly defined tree in a pot. However, the art of landscapes and scenes still prevails and is know as ‘Penjing’.

Penjing are usually miniature landscapes. As a result, they display a combination of rocks, trees and figures, and are usually considered to be more wild and natural in form. Penjing today encompasses artistically formed trees, other plants, landscapes, and figurines. These are otherwise commonly termed ‘Bonsai Gardens‘.

Bonsai gardens are beautiful and creative in their own right. They often appeal to artists and children alike. They are easy to care for. Some gardens are designed with the outdoors in mind, while others are suitable for growing in the home.


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Bonsai Garden - The art of 'Penjing'

Penjing is a Chinese natural form of bonsai which incorporates landscapes and scenes which are made up for trees, rocks, ornaments, figures and rocks.

Penjing, also known as penzai, is the ancient Chinese art of depicting artistically formed trees, other plants, and landscapes in miniature. They differ from bonsai in that they include other plants and ornaments to complete the landscapes. In essence; it is the re-creation of classical Chinese gardens in miniature using miniature trees and rockeries. Their artistic composition captures the spirit of nature and distinguishes them from Japanese bonsai trees.

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Penjing: The art of bonsai landscapes

Penjing is the art of small scale natural landscapes through the partnering of bonsai and ornaments to create a carefully crafted scene. These scenes are representative of the rich Chinese […]

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