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Tree of a Thousand Stars

The Tree of a thousand stars (Serissa foetida) is a lovely indoor bonsai variety. It displays an abundance of beautiful star-shaped small white flowers during mid-late summer. Consequently, this bonsai is often known as a Snowrose.
Also, it has textured creamy bark and the artistic root structure make this a truly ornamental indoor bonsai choice.

This bonsai requires a slightly more delicate touch, but the effort will be most worthwhile. It is a variety which prefers to be kept slightly drier and not too wet.

This bonsai signifies well being, good luck and hope, making it a wonderful gift for all occasions. The Serissa is a dainty tree which symbolises well being, luck and hope.


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Showing all 5 results

The Tree of a Thousand Stars or Snowrose

This is a truly fabulous variety of indoor bonsai with perfect proportions and a dainty and feminine beauty. In Latin, this species is known as the Serissa foetida,  but the beautiful small star-shaped white flowers have given rise to the names of a Tree of a Thousand Stars or Snowrose.
Additionally, this stylish bonsai has beautiful cream textured bark which adds age and character.
A variety of indoor tree which prefers a warm position away from draughts. The Tree of a Thousand stars also displays superb root flare.
Often referred to as the ‘Lucky Bonsai’ it makes a fantastic gift for any occasion.
An extremely artistic species which would add beauty and interest to any home and bring pleasure to the occupants.

Tree of a Thousand Stars Bonsai Tree – Serissa Foetida

Star-shaped white flowers Pretty bonsai Delicate foliage Warm environment Textured creamy bark Infrequent watering The Serissa foetida bonsai tree is a very pretty, delicate bonsai which has small elongated leaveswhich […]

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Serissa 'tree of a thousand stars' indoor bonsai

The ‘Tree of a Thousand Stars (Serissa foetida) or ‘Snowrose’ is a lovely indoor bonsai with an abundance of beautiful star-shaped small white flowers during mid-late summer. The textured creamy […]

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Variegated Indoor Bonsai Serissa foetida ~ tree of a thousand stars

Serissa (Serissa foetida) The Serissa has small elongated leaves which are smooth around the edges. The bark has great character and is a beautiful beige colour. The added bonus being […]

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