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Accessories for growing happy & healthy bonsai.

We sell a wide range of bonsai accessories that will help you to feed, water and care for your bonsai tree.
We stock all that you would need to grow beautiful and healthy indoor and outdoor bonsai trees.
The complete service with FREE delivery available on all items including bonsai feed and mist. Pruning tools, watering gift sets, and wiring products are also stocked.

Additonally, we stock a full range of bonsai pots and tools for when your bonsai tree has outgrown its pot and needs a little more space to grow and develop.

Furthermore, bonsai wire and tools are stocked for shaping and styling your bonsai trees. Akadama is the best potting media for both indoor and outdoor bonsai. Akadama is a fabuous Japanese potting soil with superb drainage & airation properties. Don’t forget to choose your delivery date at the checkout!

Bonsai Tools (29)
Bonsai Pots & Trays (33)
Bonsai Care Accessories (32)
Feeding Accessories (10)
Watering Accessories (17)
Wiring Accessories (3)
Pruning Accessories (7)

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