• Miniature Jade Tree Bonsai - "The Magical Clean Air Tree"

    The Clean Air Bonsai Tree

    The miniature Jade tree (Portulacaria afra) is a beautiful and very easy bonsai to care for, with excellent proportions and minimal watering requirements.
    It has a neat compact habit and is ideal for beginners and children to care for.
    This variety has been shown to be effective in carbon absorption (binding atmospheric carbon which is responsible for climate change) and aids in the fight for Clean Air. It can absorb more carbon from the earth's atmosphere than most other plants and is extremely efficient and effective.
    It can be eaten,  but apparently has a sour taste (personally I have not tasted it but I am tempted!) and has also been shown to have great medical properties such as aiding blisters and sore throats. The antiseptic juice can be used for soothing skin problems such as rashes and insect stings.

    With lovely meanings of good luck and prosperity, I think this is the perfect gift!

    The magical clean air treeLeaves of the Jade bonsai

  • My First Bonsai by Calista White

    Bonsai Blog by Calista White

    By Calista White

    The first bonsai that I had was a beautiful Ligustrum from Bonsai Direct. The bonsai I was given has an elegant ‘s-shaped’ trunk and the leaves are a stunning dark-green. It was within a blue pot, and the overall appearance of the tree was absolutely magnificent. My Ligustrum was given to me as a birthday gift, and I was glad to hear that it was good for beginners as it was easy to care for. At first, I was worried because I had no idea how to look after a bonsai! Fortunately, it came with a care handbook, which explained all that I need to know to keep my little bonsai alive and well. I was surprised how easily I could keep my bonsai in-shape and healthy. Even for those who have not had much luck with plants in the past, I would still recommend bonsais as the amount of skill needed is remarkably low. This makes them a perfect gift, even for someone that has never even heard of a bonsai before! I was, in fact, so charmed by my first bonsai that I couldn’t help but buy myself another. This one was a baby elm: smaller than my Ligustrum but lovely in its own right. Its short trunk stands straight and branches outwards from the top. It is, I must say, rather adorable.

  • Question from Simon about leaf drop on a Chinese Elm bonsai

    We have just received a message from Simon about his large Chinese Elm indoor bonsai.
    It was delivered a few days ago and some of the old leaves are dropping.
    We just wanted to give you all reassurance that this is nothing to be concerned about.
    It is perfectly normal for a Chinese Elm to drop the old leaves during the first 3 weeks of delivery. It just re-acclimatises to its new position and is nothing to be concerned about.
    Another reason it may drop more leaves in September or October is that the days are getting shorter so it feels a bit autumnal.
    It will stabilize and in 4-5 weeks lots of new buds will emerge and then it will get going again.
    The Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) does this far more dramatically than other varieties (some bonsai, such as the ficus, barely drop at all). However, it buds back quickly and makes a beautiful bonsai. Please do not let this put you off growing a Chinese Elm, in our opinion the character and beautiful proportions (combined with the ease of care) make it one of the best indoor bonsai varieties.

  • Bonsai Gifts for Father's Day

    Fathers Day blog

    fathers day delivery options
    Father's Day Bonsai Tree Gifts
    We have a beautiful collection of bonsai tree gifts for Father's Day 2017.
    Truly artistic bonsai gifts with free delivery to most of the UK.
    You can add a complimentary message to your order.
    This year Father's Day is Sunday 18th June.
    You can order NOW and choose Father's Day delivery at the checkout.

  • Enterprising students from Chulmleigh Community College offer a day's work for charity.

    We would like to thank six girls from year 10 at Chulmleigh College for their hard work today. Olea, Kate, Meg, Calista, Abbie and Emily came up with this fantastic initiative and they represent the school's values to the highest standards. They have been helping with various activities including office work, pruning, potting & styling bonsai and have been a very cheerful addition to the Bonsai Direct team.

    They are donating all their earnings to the Malala Fund‚ a charity started by Malala Yousafzai, to raise money for women's education across the world. This is a worthy cause and the girls have embraced the work.

    We would like to thank them all and celebrate their £120 donation to the fund.
    All the best

    Lloyd & Sarah

    Chulmleigh Charity day

  • Father's Day Bonsai Tree Gifts

    SUNDAY 18th JUNE 2017
    We offer a beautiful range of stunning Father's Day Gifts with FREE DELIVERY to most of the UK.
    So if you're looking for something a little different a bonsai may spark a wonderful new hobby for your dad.
    All our gifts have gift wrap options and you may choose your delivery date at the checkout.

    Father's Day Bonsai tree Gifts 2015

    Order before noon on Thursday 15th June for free delivery.
    Order before noon on Friday 16th June for delivery on Saturday or Sunday (£5.99*)

    *England, Wales and Southern Scotland only

  • Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum) as outdoor bonsai

    Japanese Maples as bonsai

    Maples (Acer) bonsai have always been a bonsai classic, a favourite celebrated all over the world.
    Maples are beautiful ornamental trees of which there are many species, often renowned for their vibrant leaf colours.
    Most are shade tolerant and are distinguished by their leaf arrangement and distinctive fruits sometimes known as "helicopters" or "whirlybirds". The attributes of the maple family as bonsai trees is endless - beautiful colour, beautiful proportions, hardy bonsai, wonderful leaf shape.

    One of the favourites is the Japanese Red Maple (Acer palmatum deshojo). The latin name 'palmatum' comes from the hand/palm shaped leaves, which often have five pointed lobes.
    This delightful outdoor bonsai tree exhibits truly beautiful and vibrant spring and autumn foliage which is a vivid red, fading to pinky/green in the summer months. The bark is often red when young turning a lovely silvery colour as the trunk matures.

    Acer palmatum deshojo bonsai

    Another fabulous variety is Acer palmatum katsura which displays vibrant orange leaves during the spring, turning greener during the summer and followed by a distinctive flame yellow in the autumn.

    Japanese Maple with orange leaves
    Katsura maple bonsai for sale

    When considering the attributes of maple bonsai it is important not to overlook the English Maple (Acer campestre). This native bonsai will not disappoint. It has a beautiful leaf shape and incredible yellow/orange/red autumn leaf colour.
    The most hardy of all the maple family so a great choice.

    Acer campestre













  • Enquiry about over-watering or under-watering a bonsai tree and trying to determine what the problem is

    We have received an email from James about his bonsai. It is obviously suffering from a watering issue and I have been trying to help him determine the cause of the problem. I thought the following information may be of interest to other readers.

    It is not always easy to determine if the bonsai is suffering from over or under watering.
    In principle over-watering is a slow deterioration where the bonsai is over-watered for many weeks, the roots begin to rot and then become inefficient at taking up water , you then see symptoms which look similar to the bonsai drying out. (ie. Dry and crispy leaves).
    Minor over-watering is often characterised but soft black tips of the leaves.
    Another indication of over-watering is the trunk of the bonsai can becoming loose in the pot and it may wobble.

    The symptoms of lack of water (under-watering) are rapid, the leaves wilt and go dry and crispy and drop off.
    The subsequent bonsai care is different.
    If you think your bonsai has been under-watered and allowed to become too dry please stand the bonsai in water so that the water covers the entire pot. Leave for 5 , 10minutes and then allow to drain.
    This will evenly re-wet the soil. You can then check daily and keep the soil damp (not too wet). A bonsai without leaves requires less water.

    If a bonsai has been over-watered it will take many weeks to see any improvement. The roots must re-grow before you see any signs of new shoots. It is important to keep the soil just damp and not wet. Please do not feed a bonsai until it shows signs of recovering.

    I hope these tips help.
    Sarah - Bonsai Direct

  • Valentine's Day Bonsai Tree Gifts for Sale from Bonsai Direct

    google-header-valentinesValentine's Day Bonsai Tree Gifts
    We have a beautiful collection of bonsai tree gifts for Valentines Day 2017.
    Truly artistic bonsai gifts with free delivery to most of the UK.
    You can add a complimentary message to your order.
    This year Valentine's Day is Tuesday 14th February.
    You can order NOW and choose Valentine's Day delivery at the checkout.

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