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Caring for Bonsai Tree |Feeding Accessories

Bonsai feeding accessories help you compliment your order with products which help you with caring for your bonsai tree. Bonsai are dependant upon us for the correct nutrition to grow and flourish. Bonsai fertiliser is essential for healthy and beautiful trees. We feed indoor bonsai once a week throughout the growing season with a carefully formulated bonsai fertiliser. We recommend that outdoor bonsai are fed from March to October and not at all during the winter period, when they rest. Additionally you may use a plant invigorator or leaf conditioner to keep your bonsai in the best of health.


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  • Bonsai Care Kit (T95)

    Beginners Bonsai Care Kit – The Essentials

  • Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser (T92)

    Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser (T92)

  • Bonsai feed, snips and mist - The Bonsai basics for care

    Beginners Bonsai Basics – Great Care Essentials for all Bonsai Varieties

  • Bonsai Mist - For Healthy Bonsai Trees

    Bonsai Mist – 300ml spray

  • sb plant invigorator suitable for all bonsai species

    Plant Invigorator – 500ml [Suitable for all bonsai]

  • Bug clear ultra treatment of bonsai pests

    Bug Clear Ultra Soil Drench – Treats Vine Weevil, Aphids, Soil Pests, Scale Insect & Mealy Bug

  • Roseclear Ultra concentrate

    RoseClear ® Ultra – 200ml Concentrated Bonsai Insecticide & Fungicide

  • Rose clear ultra gun 2

    Large 1L Bonsai Insecticide & Fungicide – RoseClear® Ultra Gun! 2

  • Insecticide and fungicide in ready to use sprayer for use on bonsai

    Medium Sized 750ml Bonsai Insecticide & Fungicide – Rosegarde

  • BugClear Ultra Gun

    Large 1L Insecticide Suitable for Bonsai – BugClear™ Ultra Gun! – Treats Caterpillars


Showing all 10 results

Should I feed my bonsai tree?

Both indoor & outdoor species of bonsai tree are dependent upon us for nutrients and water. Feeding your bonsai will keep it strong and vigorous and help prevent attack from pest and disease. Please feed with a recognized bonsai fertiliser such as Bonsai Direct Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser – other general plant foods can be too strong for the bonsai and may scorch the roots. If using a liquid bonsai feed we recommend feeding indoor bonsai once a week during the spring, summer and autumn. Reduce the feeding to approximately once a month in mid-winter when it is barely growing. It is particularly important to feed flowering bonsai. Bonsai, like the Oriental Tea Tree for example, are very hungry trees and rely on you for their nutrients. You will notice yellowing of the leaves if the bonsai is deficient in nutrients.

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How do I feed my bonsai tree?

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Bonsai Direct Bonsai Feed

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