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Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser (T92)

Product Code: T92

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Revitalise Your Bonsai: Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser – The Key to Vibrant Growth!

Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser is a highly beneficial product for bonsai enthusiasts, designed to enhance the health and growth of bonsai trees. Its liquid form allows for precise and easy application, ensuring the right nutrients are delivered without overfeeding. The scientifically crafted formula includes a balanced mix of essential nutrients and trace minerals to support healthy growth and strong root development. The product is available in two options: a 100ml bottle priced at £8.99 and a 300ml bottle priced at £10.99, catering to different needs. Using Liquid Bonsai Fertiliser is simple, and customer reviews reveal positive experiences with healthier, more vibrant bonsai trees. With this product, bonsai owners can achieve lush and thriving miniature masterpieces.

Bonsai Care
Reviews (4)

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