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Chinese Sweet Plum (Fruiting)

Primarily, the Chinese Sweet Plum (Fruiting) or Sageretia theezans is a pretty indoor bonsai which has a great character at an early age due to the flaky bark revealing tones of red/tan. Futhermore,the stunning foliage has hints of rusty red turning to glossy green.

Flower, fruits and red-fushed leaves …

Firstly, small white flowers give rise to tiny plum-shaped fruits. These are purple in colour. A really pretty indoor bonsai and great for beginners. Quick growing and highly recommended. Incidently, the bark also has a lovely red hue.

A lovely tree meaning…

This bonsai symbolises protection, creativity, new life & warm wishes. Thus, making it a fabulous new baby gift idea.

Of all the species of indoor bonsai the Sweet Plum or Bird Plum as we have seen it referred, offers great diversity.


Showing all 8 results


Showing all 8 results

Chinese Sweet Plum Indoor Bonsai (Sageretia theezans)

Chinese Sweet Plum bonsai (Sageretia theezans) are a personal favourite. A superb variety for indoors, easy to care for and ideal as a beginner’s bonsai tree.
The new tips to the leaves often display a reddish tinge, which complements the lovely flaky bark beautifully. As the leaves develop they turn bright green.
The small white flowers are not overly showy but as the bonsai matures it produces fabulous small purple (plum-like) fruits.
This charming indoor variety is not overly particular about positioning, as bright position out of direct sunlight is ideal.
All trees have meanings and bonsai are no exceptions.
The Sweet Plum symbolises protection, health and wishes.
It also wonderfully signifies new life, renewal and creativity.

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