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Pots & Trays

We are sorry for the inconvenience but due to delays in stock arriving from China as a result of Covid-19 and Brexit we have no stock of bonsai pots.

Our lovely range of bonsai pots include glazed and unglazed of a range of sizes and colours. Some glazed pots include matching ceramic drip trays; perfect for indoor bonsai trees.

All pots are supplied with a free re-potting Guide, which covers the repotting of both indoor and outdoor varieties, a bag of potting soil and mesh to cover the drainage holes.

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All pots should be frost hardy but we recommend protecting them for long period of hard frost. If the root ball freezes it actually expands and can then crack the pot.


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Showing all 7 results

FREE soil, wire and potting mesh

We offer a range of ceramic bonsai pots which include matching ceramic humidity trays making them ideal for both indoor & outdoor trees. They are frost hardy so will cope with the frost during winter. Included with all our bonsai pots is some potting soil, wire and mesh to simplify your potting.Potting soil, wire and mesh included

What factors should you consider when choosing a bonsai pot?

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Why are pots integral to bonsai?

Bonsai pots are integral to the aesthetic and health of the bonsai. Not only this, but the word bonsai can be broken down into “Bon”, which is a dish or […]

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Potting Bonsai Trees – A Step-by-Step Guide

Bonsai Master Lloyd Noall has designed a fantastic range of bonsai tree pruning, wiring & potting kits which are perfect for beginners who want hands on experience growing bonsai trees. […]

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