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Artistic Bonsai Tree Pruning & Styling Kit – Medium Sized Chinese Elm (Fantastic)

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This bundle includes:

Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) Beginners Twisty Indoor Bonsai - Medium Size 12 years for pruning kits

In stock

Large Wooden Tray

Bonsai Pruning Step-by-step guide

Coir Bonsai Brush (T74)

In stock

Medium Drip Tray

The Bonsai Direct Care Handbook

Small Bonsai Feed - 100ml

Small Bonsai Pruning Scissors - Great Value

Best Bonsai | Fabulous Indoor Bonsai Tree Pruning & Styling Kit – Phenomenal Bonsai Buy.

This bonsai is the Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia), a fantastic indoor tree that symbolises inner strength, intuition, wisdom and love.
The Elm is elegant in its twisting S-shaped trunk, and its characteristic lightly-serrated deep-green leaves.

This kit also includes:

  • Drip tray
  • Care handbook
  • Bonsai pruning scissors – Please note these are slightly smaller than shown in the image. They are our standard size.
  • Bonsai fertiliser
  • Coir brush
  • Empress wood tray

An outstanding offer for a fun hands on bonsai pruning experience, and makes a wonderful gift for your friends and family.

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Style Your Own Bonsai with Confidence: Ulmus Parvifolia Bonsai Pruning Kit with Twisty Trunk

Are you ready to take your bonsai skills to the next level? Our Ulmus Parvifolia Bonsai Pruning Kit is the perfect choice for bonsai enthusiasts who want to style their own tree with confidence. This 14 year old tree with a twisty trunk has been expertly trained and is ready for you to shape and prune according to your own vision.

The Ulmus parvifolia is a hardy and versatile bonsai species, and with our pruning kit, you’ll have everything you need to transform it into a beautiful and unique work of art. The kit comes complete with a blue ceramic pot and matching tray, providing a stylish and functional display for your tree. You’ll also receive a bottle of fertiliser to keep your bonsai healthy and strong, as well as a pair of scissors for precise pruning.

But that’s not all. We’ve also included a coir brush for cleaning your bonsai and a wooden tray to keep your accessories tidy. And to help you style your bonsai, we’ve included a step-by-step pruning guide that walks you through the process of shaping and pruning your tree. And for ongoing care, you’ll also receive our Bonsai Direct Care Handbook, filled with tips and advice from our experts.

But the Ulmus parvifolia bonsai is more than just a beautiful plant. In the world of bonsai, each tree is imbued with symbolic meaning. The Ulmus parvifolia is known for its ability to adapt and thrive in different environments, making it a symbol of resilience and strength. Its delicate leaves and branches represent the fleeting nature of life, reminding us to cherish every moment. And with its twisty trunk, it symbolises the twists and turns of life’s journey.

With our pruning kit, you’ll have the opportunity to shape your bonsai according to your own vision, imbuing it with your own personal symbolism and meaning. And with our free next working day delivery or the option to choose your own delivery date at checkout, you can start styling your bonsai right away.

So why wait? Order your Ulmus Parvifolia Bonsai Pruning Kit and start styling your own bonsai with confidence and creativity. Experience the peace and tranquillity that comes with this ancient art form, and create a beautiful and meaningful piece of living art for your home or office.

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