Bonsai Japanese Maple Tree Meaning

Bonsai Tree Meaning | Tree Symbolism: grace, peace, serenity, strength, endurance, honour and love.

Japanese Maple bonsai are perhaps one of the most fascinating of all bonsai. Their deciduous nature makes them constantly changing and therefore, constantly fascinating. With that comes their beautiful transitions throughout the year, from changing of leaves to the losing of them all during the winter months.

Their leaves are characteristically diaphanous, shaped similarly to that of the palm, hence its Latin name ‘palmatum’. Each of the leaves within a species is a different shade of colour and shape to the next, setting each and every plant apart.

The different maple species include a variety of captivating appearances and sizes. From the Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) and the Field/English Maple (Acer Campestre), we have a huge selection of maple bonsai:

  • Maple bonsai - Orange Dream Starter kit
    Beautifully Coloured Japanese Maple Bonsai – Orange Dream Starter Kit
  • A masterpiece in miniature: Behold the captivating beauty of a Beni-maiko Acer/maple bonsai, delicately placed in a cream glazed pot, showcasing nature's artistry on a petite scale.
    Japanese Red Maple Bonsai | Red Dancing Girl Acer
    Product on sale
  • Japanese red maple bonsai - Acer palmatum deshojo
    Outdoor Japanese Red Maple Bonsai with Beautiful Vibrant Leaves (Acer palmatum Deshojo)
  • Incredible Maple outdoor bonsai for sale UK
    Vibrant Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatum Katsura)
  • Acer palmatum Shojo nomura outdoor bonsai for sale UK
    Beautiful Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum ‘Shojo – nomura’) Outdoor Bonsai with Rich Leaf Colour
  • Acer camplestre - English maple - stunning bonsai
    Phenomenal Field Maple (Acer Campestre) Bonsai Tree with Beautiful Informal Upright Styling
  • Absolutely outstanding Acer palmatum outdoor bonsai for sale UK
    Red Acer palmatum dissectum Maple Bonsai – 16 years | Tall & Slender with exceptional roots
  • English or Field Maple outdoor bonsai for sale UK
    Picturesque English Maple (Acer Campestre) Bonsai Tree with Distinctive Foliage
  • Phenomenal Acer campestre outdoor bonsai for sale UK
    Acer Campestre Bonsai – A Captivating Outdoor Bonsai Gift
  • Japanese Specimen Acer arakawa bonsai for sale
    Elegant & Mature: Japanese Rough Bark Arakawa Maple Bonsai with Sweeping Trunk Design
  • Extra-Large Specimen English Field Maple Bonsai - Outstanding
    Extra-Large Specimen English Field Maple Bonsai – Outstanding
  • Specimen multi-stem English Maple
    WOW – Phenomenal Multi-trunk English Maple Specimen Bonsai
  • Acer campestre native bonsai fro sale
    Outstanding Specimen English Maple Outdoor Bonsai – 26 years
  • specimen japanese maple for sale
    Specimen Mature Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatum)
  • Acer palmatum Japanese Maple bonsai for sale
    Exquisite Specimen Japanese Maple with outstanding root flare (nebari)
  • Incredible Specimen Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatum)
    Incredible Specimen Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatum)
  • The most sensational huge Japanese Maple Bonsai tree for sale
    Phenomenal Specimen Japanese Maple Bonsai – Hollow Trunk
  • Specimen Acer palmatum Bonsai for sale
    Spectacular Japanese Maple Bonsai for sale with outstanding trunk & nebari
  • Outstanding Specimen Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatumm Kashima)
    Outstanding Specimen Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatumm Kashima)
  • Japanese Maple bonsai spring colour
    Extra-large Specimen Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatum katsura) ~ 65 years


The English Maple is a great example of a bonsai which is easy to care for. It sets itself apart from the other bonsai in the maple species, boasting its more frilly and translucent leaves. Furthermore, it is the hardiest of all maple bonsai.

It has five-lobed leaves with rounded points, which change from green to golden yellow between Summer and Spring. It’s often regarded as a plant with autumn colouring and is the only native Maple species found in Europe.


Another popular bonsai species among bonsai enthusiasts is the Japanese Maple or the ‘Acer palmatum’. The ‘palmatum’ is perhaps the most captivating of them all due to its spectacular colours. The leaves transitions from shades of green to deep red as we move through the year.

Their leaves are best described as both feathery and delicate. Originally grown in Japan, these maples have characteristic trunks and an array of colours.

Similarly, to the English Maple, the Japanese Maple responds well to pruning and ramification. However, it requires slightly more specific growing conditions with ideally a regular water supply. The soil would be kept moist but not waterlogged, and shade should be provided during hotter seasons. We offer the following types of Japanese Maple: Deshojo, Katsura and Nomura.

Acer palmatum deshojo bonsai

Japanese Red Maple – Deshojo

The Deshojo Maple has striking, scarlet leaves with a dramatic appearance, guaranteed to add interest to your garden. They unfurl in spring, turning green in the summer months and its iconic scarlet colour during the autumn. Much like the English Maple, the Deshojo is hardy and is a fantastic addition to any garden. Like most Japanese Maples, it requires shade and shelter from stronger winds.

Katsura Maple Bonsai

 Katsura Maple

The Katsura Maple is an iconic bright orange during spring months, transitioning to green in the summer and finally a golden yellow during the autumn. Most renowned for its striking foliage which stands out in any garden throughout the year. Unlike the Deshojo, the Katsura favours full sun or part shade for the best leaf colours.

Like most Maple plants, the Katsura requires little maintenance, making it perfect for city gardens as well as cottage gardens. It should ideally be kept in slightly acidic, moist and organically rich soil conditions and pruned only in the dormant season of winter.

 Nomura Maple

The Nomura Maple is known for its rich purple and red changeovers throughout the year before becoming leafless in the winter. It favours the bright sunshine in the spring but partial shade in the summer with a plentiful supply of water.

During the winter months, the Nomura favours water only when the ground dries and has been vaporised from strong sunlight. Unlike the Katsura and Deshojo, the maple doesn’t lose its colour during the changing of seasons and remains a distinctive, rich purple-red.

On offer at Bonsai Direct is a diverse range of both English Field Maples and Japanese Maples all of which display the beauty of the maple species. With varying size, colour and features, these stunning bonsai trees are always popular among both beginners and experienced bonsai professionals alike.

Maples Throughout The Year

Maples are deciduous trees, so they drop their leaves in Autumn. This provides the perfect chance to admire the trunk structure, branches and exposed roots. The trunks often vary in colour, and have character of their own.