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Why I love the English Oak [Quercus robur] bonsai tree for the garden

The English Oak, or Quercus robur, as it is known in latin is, unsurprisingly, a national favourite.
One of the reasons why I love the English Oak is, I believe, the same as why many others do too; they ooze character.
English Oaks typically have large, sturdy trunks which, once aged, have fascinating individual details and engravings. Each bonsai has a unique story and so each bonsai tree also has a completely different trunk to the next, giving each and every one a sense of individuality despite their similar, signature appearance.

Their hardy nature and structure perfectly reflect the reason why the Oak is an emblem of power, strength, ancient wisdom and survival and many nations, including England, have chosen the Oak as their national tree.

In addition to this, the English Oak is representative of qualities related to power and durability, as well as being considered a bearer of good luck, fertility, potency, healing and health.

A feature I really admire of oak trees is their vibrant green leaves with perfectly defined, patterned edges. It’s not hard to see why they are the ultimate telltale signs of an Oak tree; after all, their marvellously symmetric and slender lobed leaves are truly striking to those with attention to small details, even when so many are combined in a dense canopy.

Another reason why an English Oak is one of my favourite trees is that they have a sense of warmth about them; the size and exemplary proportions from years of work and development, gives the larger oak trees an air of wisdom, making them a comforting- yet powerful- presence wherever they may be placed.
And so, I believe that the oak is one of the best choices of bonsai due to their immense character and unequalled charm.

King of the English woodland A beautiful bonsai with spectacular design

Japanese Flowering Cherry Blossom Bonsai Trees

Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-ni-mai’

Flowering Cherry trees (Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’), are deciduous bonsai and often highly regarded as an ornamental species. They are most renowned for their pale pink/ white showy flowers which blossom before leaves emerge in the spring and their remarkable orange-blush autumn foliage colour

Some have ornamental bark, whilst others boast small edible fruit during the autumn months. Its leaves are shaped artistically and give it a delicate and dainty appearance.

Cherry trees signify good fortune, new beginnings, revival, and future happiness, and so make a perfect gift for family and friends.
I love the Cherry tree. It is a beautiful outdoor bonsai species which will enhance any garden, pationor decking. With constantly changing beauty the cherry blossom has so much to admire
Cherry Blossom bonsai trees

Incredible Large Mature Japanese White Beech Outdoor Hardy Bonsai for Sale

Japanese White Beech – (Fagus Crenata)

The Japanese White Beech (Fagus Crenata), also known as Siebold’s Beech, is a tree native to Japan. There, it is a feature of many deciduous forests, growing particularly well in north-east Honshū – Japan’s largest island – but is restricted to mountainous areas closer to the south-west. As a tree, it can reach an impressive height of 35 metres (115 ft), where it is topped with a rounded crown. It gives a graceful yet powerful impression, with an easy charm.

In the Western world, however, Japanese White Beech are much more unusual. They are typically found only as a bonsai and, even then, they are difficult to come by. They are a hardy variety of bonsai that is best suited outdoors, making it an easy tree to care for. With a smooth grey bark and simple but striking leaves, it becomes an elegant feature for any garden.

This specific bonsai is a beautiful example of the Japanese White Beech (Fagus Crenata), well-established at 30 years old. From those years, it has reached a height of over 80cm, a substantial and striking example of such a tree. Its exposed roots and nebari enhance this bonsai’s elegance, giving it a unique charm. The trunk extends upwards and tapers gracefully to where its branches then reach outwards, supporting a beautiful crown of large and bright leaves.

It is centred in a dark teal pot – engraved and painted in a bright yellow and red, depicting a scene of blossoming flowers – which only adds to this bonsai’s overall beauty.

Fagus crenata outdoor bonsai for sale
Japanese White Beech Bonsai (OD41) with beautiful taper & styling
Lovely teal pot with etchings and spring blossom
Lovely teal pot with etchings and spring blossom
Beautiful exposed roots on this mature Fagus crenata
Beautiful exposed roots on this mature Fagus crenata

Why does our Outdoor Bonsai Stock vary throughout the year?

Outdoor bonsai trees for sale ….. Watch this space.

If you have ever wondered why our outdoor bonsai stock varies so greatly at different times of year, please let me explain.
Firstly, the range and diversity of outdoor hardy bonsai is vast and includes both deciduous and evergreen species. From late autumn to early spring i.e. throughout winter months, many of these bonsai are dormant and will have dropped their leaves. From experience we have found that people prefer bonsai to be photographed in leaf, so this narrows our window of being able to photograph these lovely beauties significantly.
The potting season for indoor bonsai is vast whereas outdoor bonsai need to be potted when out of leaf but not during the harshest part of winter. This essentially means that we pot through February and March.
Now for the exciting months… New buds and leaves start to develop from April. So, by May we can start adding all our beautiful outdoor bonsai range onto our website. We love this time of year. You will consequently notice that through late spring and early summer our outdoor bonsai range increases tenfold.
Please be patient… Spring is around the corner and we shall be adding hundreds of new bonsai trees to this outstanding range. In the meantime, please clear your gardens and prepare your patios for some summer splendour!
Our new stock of beautiful coloured maples, larch and more will be on our website soon.

Larix Outdoor deciduous bonsai
Japanese white Pine Bonsai
Leaves of the red oak bonsai

Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum) as outdoor bonsai

Japanese Maples as bonsai

Maples (Acer) bonsai have always been a bonsai classic, a favourite celebrated all over the world.
Maples are beautiful ornamental trees of which there are many species, often renowned for their vibrant leaf colours.
Most are shade tolerant and are distinguished by their leaf arrangement and distinctive fruits sometimes known as “helicopters” or “whirlybirds”. The attributes of the maple family as bonsai trees is endless – beautiful colour, beautiful proportions, hardy bonsai, wonderful leaf shape.

One of the favourites is the Japanese Red Maple (Acer palmatum deshojo). The latin name ‘palmatum‘ comes from the hand/palm shaped leaves, which often have five pointed lobes.
This delightful outdoor bonsai tree exhibits truly beautiful and vibrant spring and autumn foliage which is a vivid red, fading to pinky/green in the summer months. The bark is often red when young turning a lovely silvery colour as the trunk matures.

Acer palmatum deshojo bonsai

Another fabulous variety is Acer palmatum katsura which displays vibrant orange leaves during the spring, turning greener during the summer and followed by a distinctive flame yellow in the autumn.

Japanese Maple with orange leaves
Katsura maple bonsai for sale

When considering the attributes of maple bonsai it is important not to overlook the English Maple (Acer campestre). This native bonsai will not disappoint. It has a beautiful leaf shape and incredible yellow/orange/red autumn leaf colour.
The most hardy of all the maple family so a great choice.

Acer campestre













Large, Mature Specimen Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatum) ~ 25 years

This amazing Japanese Maple bonsai has an incredible trunk and beautiful canopy. The trunk character and styling is amazing, with hollowed trunk and exposed roots supporting a powerful yet elegant branch structure and canopy. Fantastic proportions throughout. All pruned to shape with no ugly wire scars. Extremely artistic Japanese Maple bonsai.
25 years and 80cm in height.
For more information please CLICK HERE>

May Bank Holiday Special Offer Bonsai.

This is a lovely mature Chinese Juniper bonsai with beautiful trunk flow and taper.
This is a great evergreen outdoor bonsai would make a wonderful bonsai to try styling and wiring techniques.
Great fun bonsai classic.
20 years
43cm in height.
WAS £165.00 NOW ONLY £125.00

Juniper bonsai tree offer
Juniperus chinensis Evergreen Bonsai Classic

Three amazing outdoor bonsai offers from Bonsai Direct

We have just uploaded 3 massive bonsai with huge savings.
English Maple Bonsai1. Very Large English Maple (Acer campestre) Bonsai Tree

The Field Maple or English Maple (Acer campestre) is one of the hardiest maples and displays lovely autumn foliage colour.
Potted in to a classic unglazed ceramic bonsai pot, which enhances the colours all year round.
Lovey elegant trunk with great proportions. Great native bonsai perfect for beginners and would enhance any garden, patio or decking.
Height (cm): 66
Pot Size (cm): 34
Trunk Diameter (cm): 5
Age (years): 20
Bonsai Pot: Unglazed round ceramic bonsai pot

Hornbeam Bonsai Tree

2. Massive Exposed Root Hornbeam Bonsai
This beautiful exposed root style hornbeam bonsai displays a beautiful and elegant trunk line, with an amazing artistic appearance.
Height (cm): 62
Pot Size (cm): 44 x 34
Trunk Diameter (cm): 5
Age (years): 22
Bonsai Pot: Classic unglazed rectangular bonsai pot.
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai

Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) Bonsai Tree3. Massive Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) Bonsai Tree with Lightning Strike Artistic Effect.

This incredible Acer bonsai has beautifully proprtioned trunk and branches with dead branches towards the top of the bonsai, recreating the effect of lighning strike.
Absolutely stunning bonsai at an outstanding bargain price!
Height (cm): 61
Pot Size (cm): 41 x 32
Trunk Diameter (cm): 6
Age (years): 25
Bonsai Pot: Unglazed oval ceramic bonsai pot.
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai

Specimen Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatum katsura) from Bonsai Direct

This phenomenal Japanese Maple bonsai has the most incredible nabaryi and trunk taper supporting powerful and elegant branches which also have superb character and taper. Lloyd has had the pleasure of working on this bonsai for years.
Height (cm): 54
Pot Size (cm): 45 x 35
Trunk Diameter (cm): 7
Age (years): 50
Bonsai Pot: Unglazed rectangular ceramic bonsai pot.
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai
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Half Price Large Mature Bonsai Trees

We have some outstanding Large Mature Outdoor Bonsai Trees on HALF PRICE offer now. We have a lot of new bonsai to be potted and need to clear some space on the nursery.

Stunning Large Mature Beech Bonsai Tree (Fagus sylvatica) WAS £595.00    NOW ONLY £297.50
Stunning Large Mature Beech Bonsai Tree (Fagus sylvatica)
WAS £595.00
NOW ONLY £297.50Stunning English Oak Bonsai Tree (Quercus robur) WAS £350.00    NOW ONLY £175.00

Stunning English Oak Bonsai Tree (Quercus robur)
WAS £350.00
NOW ONLY £175.00

Bonsai inspiration

Japanese Maple Bonsai (Acer palmatum)

Incredible Japanese Maple Bonsai
(Acer palmatum)
Bonsai – The Art of Nature
Grown by Lloyd Noall – Bonsai Direct


NEW – Beautiful Flowering Bonsai from Bonsai Direct

cherry bonsai flowers

Beautiful Flowering Cherry Tree Bonsai – Perfect for Spring!
If you would like to brighten up your garden these bonsai are highly recommended.
Latin name: Prunus Kojo-no-Mai
These beautiful cherry tree bonsai have stunning clusters of pink flowers during spring. The autumn foliage colour displays beautiful tints. Looks fabulous in the mid-night blue ceramic pot.
Easy to care for and a great addition to any garden.
Please CLICK HERE to see our selection.

Bonsai Best Buy – 18 year old Japanese White Pine Bonsai in Ivory ceramic pot

WAS £145.00 NOW £99.99
This elegant Japanese White Pine bonsai is potted into an ivory ceramic bonsai pot, which compliments the needle colour nicely. This bonsai is evergreen and would make a great starter bonsai. Great for wiring techniques.

Japanese White Pine Bonsai (Pinus parviflora)

Probably the most popular bonsai in Japan. A beautiful evergreen bonsai which needs to be kept fairly dry. Fully hardy outdoor bonsai which will tolerate a sunny position. Forms fantastic trunk and branches, very slow growing with amazing character. Can be styled using both pruning and wiring techniques. Fantastic bonsai.

Height (cm): 64
Pot Size (cm): 26 x 20
Trunk Diameter (cm): 3
Age (Years): 18
Bonsai Pot: Ivory glazed rectangular bonsai pot
Evergreen Outdoor Bonsai

For more images and details please CLICK HERE>Japanese White Pine Bonsai Offer

Japanese White Pine Bonsai – Special Offers

Pine blog banner
pine 2 pine 4 pine 3

pine 1

We have some beautiful Japanese White Pine Bonsai on Special Offer.

Japanese White Pine Bonsai (Pinus parviflora)

Probably the most popular bonsai in Japan. A beautiful evergreen bonsai which needs to be kept fairly dry. Fully hardy outdoor bonsai which will tolerate a sunny position. Forms fantastic trunk and branches, very slow growing with amazing character. Can be styled using both pruning and wiring techniques. Fantastic bonsai.



This is a stunning example of an Ash (Fraxinus excelsior). This bonsai is 20 years old and has the most wonderful character trunk and nabaryi.
The ash makes a powerful, yet graceful bonsai; it grows fairly fast and can be pruned hard. It is a hardy tree and easy to care for.
For more information please CLICK HERE>Outstanding Native Bonsai

WAS £295.00 NOW £147.50



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