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Bonsai for your office or desk

A carefully selected range of indoor bonsai trees ideal for your home or office desk. Essentially, these wonderful trees bring a calm and relaxing ambience to your office environment and have been chosen with ease of care in mind.

Perfect for home or corporate office…

First of all, these and other superb bonsai trees would be the perfect addition to a corporate foyer or meeting room to inspire and stimulate the flow of creativity and discussion. Furthermore, a bonsai tree can bring a feeling of tranquillity to your office, helping to relax employees and improve workplace satisfaction.

Encourage friends and colleagues to have a go at pruning…

Have fun with a pair of pruning scissors, you can enjoy pruning through your lunch break!
Another suggestion …  why not position your little tree on your desk or windowsill for everyone to enjoy? Moreover, encourage others to bring plants into the office. Growing plants has been shown to reduce stress and harmonise the work environment!
Additionally, don’t forget, all our bonsai can be delivered directly to your office.

Delivery service to make you smile …

Delivery is FREE to most of the UK and next working day delivery is available.
Please simply select the best delivery date on the calendar at the checkout. We will, of course, include full care instructions.

Our top tip…
On Friday, before you go home, make sure you give your new friend plenty of water, especially in the warmer summer months. Alternatively, why not take it home with you for the weekend for your family to enjoy too!


Showing all 7 results


Showing all 7 results

Bonsai for your office - what are the main factors to consider?

An indoor bonsai makes a fabulous addition to any office. It adds beauty, interest and a sense of calm & relaxation to an environment which may otherwise be fairly stressful.

All indoor bonsai trees are suitable for your office but there are some important factors to take into consideration. The most important issue is watering. If you have a home office this is unlikely to be an issue but if you do not visit your office during weekends then it is important to choose a variety of indoor tree which is in a larger pot. The larger pot will hold more water. If you water the bonsai well on Friday before you head home for the weekend, a bonsai in a larger pot will survive the weekend without requiring more water.
Additionally, you may find during the weekend there is no heating on during winter months. If this is the case please avoid growing the Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla) as this species prefers a warm and even temperature.
Chinese Elms, Ligustrums, Jade trees, Sweet Plums and Pepper Trees will all adapt to changing temperatures far more readily and thus be more suitable to an office environment.

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