Perfect gifts for your Aunt and Uncle

Niece Gift & Nephew Gift | Trendy Eco Bonsai Tree Gift

Eco friendly gifts for the home or office to delight your Nieces or Nephews. Wonderful birthday gift ideas – unique & funky and well on trend for the environmentally ‘green’ gift. Bonsai – The gift which keeps on growing. Bonsai also make very special niece gift or nephew gifts as Christmas presents.

Delight your Nieces or Nephews whatever the occasion with a beautiful indoor bonsai tree gift. You can add a gift message and choose extras such as bonsai pruning scissors or bonsai fertiliser.
Delightful ‘live’ bonsai tree gifts can be delivered on the day of your choice to celebrate a special occasion, Christmas or Birthday event.

Bonsai are eco friendly gifts that provide all year round interest. We have a wide range of species which fruit, flower or have distinctively shaped leaves.

Whether you are looking for meaningful gifts for niece, or unique birthday gifts for nephew; we have gifts to suit every occasion.

We recommend taking a look at our essential accessories which are important when keeping a healthy bonsai.

Each variety of bonsai symbolise a different meaning. If you are unsure which variety you would like, why not gift based on meaning!

Free next working day delivery is available to most of the UK. We even deliver on Saturdays & Sundays; perfect for last minute gifts.

  • Birthday Gift for your Niece - A gorgeous beginners bonsai favourite
    Birthday Gift for your Niece – A gorgeous beginners bonsai favourite
  • Twisty and twiggy beginners indoor bonsai for sale for your special nephew
    Birthday Gift for your Nephew – Twisty Easy Care Bonsai for his Room
  • Flowering S-shaped bonsai gift for your nephew
    Special Offer Oriental Tea Tree Flowering Indoor Bonsai – Special Nephew
  • Charming Special niece bonsai tree gift for sale
    Special Offer Fukien Tea Tree Flowering Indoor Bonsai – Special Niece