Bonsai: The most unique and unusual gift

Looking for a different gift for your boyfriend? Looking for a cool gift for your husband this Christmas? Look no further! A bonsai is the most unique and unusual gift that you can give someone this Christmas.

We know how it is, you’re busy, you’re working or just simply don’t have time to buy something original this Christmas for your loved one. So what do you do?
So often it means just going to the shops on the 23rd, and just picking something up that does the job, but you’re not really happy with it.

Do something different this Christmas; give a unique and unusual gift of a bonsai. It won’t be expected, and a delightful surprise to any nature or garden lover. Even better than that, you can buy it today, and have it delivered just before you give it at Christmas. That way, we keep it in the best possible condition in our controlled environment. We then deliver it to you, fresh and full of life for you to gift.
if you receive it up to 5 days before you gift it, you can also keep it in the box.

Don’t fall into the same trap this Christmas, get one of the most unique Christmas presents for men you can buy, and not that slightly naff present you were going to buy at the last minute.
You know it makes sense.

Bonsai are actually very easy to care for, despite the stigma that surrounds them. Particularly the more mature bonsai that are in larger pots, as they tend to have the maturity to weather slightly rougher care. The majority that we sell are also indoor trees, meaning that you can enjoy them year-round; they still look lovely and green when given as a Christmas present.

Take a look at some of the great offers that we have this Christmas. Take a chance on a Bonsai – you won’t be disappointed!

Extraordinary Gift for Him / Her

If you’re looking for an extraordinary gift for him / her this Christmas, then look no further than our beautiful range of Bonsai trees.

They’re really cool gifts for guys. We actually sell more to men than we do women; it must be the nature of bonsai care that suits the male psyche? However, mums, sisters, nans and daughters all love the bonsai experience too. It’s more than just a tree, it’s a way to bring some sculptural nature into the home.

We know it’s difficult when it gets to this time of year. You’re looking for something unique, something that says more than just a box of chocolates or the usual bundle of socks.
Well, with Bonsai Direct, you’ve found it. A really extraordinary gift for him / her that really won’t disappoint.

If you’re looking for a gift for dad from daughter, or a gift for mum from son, you’ve hot the right spot on the internet. Bonsai are the most unique gift you can buy this Christmas.
Remember! bonsai aren’t just for Christmas, it’s also a unique birthday gift for her / him. So many people have birthdays close to or over Christmas, so it will make a great birthday gift too.

No doubt every site will be expounding the lengths to which their products are unique. We guarantee though that no one will be selling the unique gifts that we are this Christmas. Bonsai are unique, unusual and we are sure that the person to whom you’ll be gifting it as a present, will be delighted and surprised.

Take a look below at a small selection of the large range Christmas gifts that we have on offer. Unusual Christmas gifts have never been cooler with Bonsai.

We offer delivery 7 days a week. It’s free from Monday to Friday and only £5.99 on the weekends.

What factors should you consider when choosing a bonsai pot?

The choice of pot is extremely significant when re-potting a bonsai. Literally translated the word ‘bon-sai’ means pot and tree, so the pot is as significant as the design of the tree which it holds. The tree and pot should be in harmony together and be extremely well balanced.
The first thing to ensure is that the bonsai pot is the correct size. Usually, if you are repotting a bonsai we would recommend making the new pot at a minimum of 5cm larger in length and width to allow the bonsai to grow, albeit slowly.

Secondly, please ensure that your bonsai pot has drainage holes in the bottom. The drainage holes prevent the bonsai soil from becoming water logged and thus reduce the chance of root rot.

Please consider the image below. The bonsai in pot A, B, C, and D is the same tree, but you can appreciate how different it looks in different shapes, colours and styles of pot. All four of these pots are the right size for the bonsai they are just aesthetically different. None of the pots is wrong but I am sure you have a personal preference as to which one suits the bonsai best. Some people like to choose colours which are reflected in the colour scheme of their kitchen or lounge. This is also perfectly reasonable providing the bonsai looks balanced and ‘at one’ with its pot.

This is the same bonsai tree photographed in four different pots so that you can appreciate how the pot affects the aesthetics of the overall bonsai.

If you are choosing a pot for an indoor bonsai you may wish to choose one with a ceramic drip tray. It is important for outdoor bonsai that the pot you choose is frost hardy. All the pots we sell are frost hardy but please remember if the frost goes on for a very long time the ice in the root ball makes the root ball swell and this may possibly crack the pot. For extended cold periods, we recommend protecting the bonsai (ie cover it or put if somewhere unheated) to also stop dehydration. A bonsai with a root ball that is frozen solid cannot take up water.

We did a social media campaign to identify which for the four pots above was the generally preferred choice and the result was POT D.
Holly, from Bonsai Direct, now shows you how to re-pot this specific Chinese Elm bonsai (which Lloyd named Angus) into POT D. View Holly’s blog on How do I re-pot and root prune my bonsai tree below.

How do I re-pot and root prune my bonsai tree?

Why are pots integral to bonsai?

Bonsai pots are integral to the aesthetic and health of the bonsai.

Not only this, but the word bonsai can be broken down into “Bon”, which is a dish or thin bowl (or a modified vessel which has been divided or cut down from a deeper form). And “Sai”, which is a tree or other growing plant which is planted. The Chinese characters for their older dwarf potted tree landscapes were adopted to name the Japanese art-form. Bonsai in Japanese is written as 盆栽

Leaving aside the historical origins and literal meanings, bonsai pots are important to both the aesthetic and health of the tree. There are practical reasons too; such as drainage holes and the natural porosity which prevents the root from rotting.

In keeping with a more traditional style, the pots tend to have a deep colour and be deeply glazed. Typically they are deep blue (to represent water) or deep green (to represent grass). Therefore, it’s all about reflecting the natural world.

Take a look at our great selection of pots and trays to enhance the appearance of your bonsai.

Eco Friendly Bonsai Tree Gifts UK – Ethical & Environmentally Friendly Birthday & Christmas Gifts

People are becoming increasing aware and conscious about choosing eco-friending gifts –  environmentally friendly gifts and eco presents with minimal impact and sustainable beauty.
Bonsai are living trees which are completely natural, stylish and make absolutely stunning & unusual gifts for men and women alike. The perfect unusual present for him or her which is eco-friendly and ‘literally’ green. Many people also purchase bonsai as gifts for vegans or animal lovers or someone who appreciates nature or something which is natural and extremely beautiful.
Every occasion is perfect for gifting a bonsai. A bonsai tree gift is suitable for any event such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, births, wedding or memorial and retirements.
With the gesture of gifting a bonsai tree not only are you surprising friends and family with spectacular and unique presents you are also being environmentally aware and responsible. All bonsai trees are shown to be effective in carbon absorption (binding atmospheric carbon which is responsible for climate change) and aids in the fight for Clean Air.  For example the Jade Tree (or money tree) can absorb more carbon from the earth’s atmosphere than most other plants and is extremely efficient and effective. It also has a beautiful meaning of good luck and prosperity. Thus making it the perfect gift idea.

Unusual gifts for women

Stylish gifts for female family members and special friends.

Are you looking for a special gift for her?
Perhaps an inspired birthday present or striking Christmas gift. A bonsai makes a beautiful and thoughtful unique gift for women. Perfect for your wife, mum, sister, grandma, nan, fiancée, girlfriend or daughter.
A timeless and precious gift idea with special meaning. Beautiful bonsai trees which flower and look ornate in your home for many many years.
We offer a range of delightful gift wraps and you may add a personal greeting message to ensure your sentiment is conveyed.
Don’t forget you can choose the deliver date at the checkout, so delivery can be on their special day!

Bonsai make fabulous unusual & unique birthday gifts for him

Fantastic & inspired gifts for your husband, father, brother, boyfriend, fiancée, granddad and friends.

Men are always tricky to buy for, whether you are looking for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift. So if you are looking for a gift which he is bound to love, which is simply gorgeous and perhaps the start of a new hobby, look no further than a stunning indoor bonsai tree. Perfect for the home or office and offers so much more than tacky gadgets and fattening chocolates.

Let us help you find a cool present for your fabulous father, brilliant brother, handsome husband or fantastic friend. Awesome gifts for the men in your life with free delivery to most areas.

You may even choose the delivery date so that the gift arrives on their birthday or anniversary.
Bonsai make affordable, fun and beautiful gifts for any occasion. They are bespoke and one-of-a-kind so buy him a perfect bonsai gift online today.

Massive leaf drop on Chinese Elm

Massive leaf drop: We were contacted recently by a customer, who had purchased a Chinese Elm in the Autumn, having experienced massive leaf drop.
If you’re reading this and have experienced this too, don’t panic! We had a particularly good growing season this year (2019), and so we’re going to see more leaf drop than normal.

Massive leaf drop on chinese elm bonsai

This is due to both the good growing season, and the rapid drop in temperatures that we’ve seen.

As we mention in the details you receive when purchasing a bonsai from us; you should be prepared for some leaf drop with the acclimatising of the plant to your home. This is very normal, as we keep the trees in completely optimal light, heat and humidity conditions in our greenhouse. You, of course, won’t have the same conditions.

You’ll see in the photo that there are plenty of new buds on the tree. This tree, therefore, is alive and well and the new leaves will start to grow over the next 2-4 weeks.
All you need to do is keep the soil *just* damp to the touch. Do that, and all will be well in very little time.

We take the very best care of our bonsai trees, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best product for your money. The leaf drop has simply been unprecedented this year, which is why this is happening.

If you’re thinking about purchasing one, have a look at our Chinese Elm Bonsai in our shop. You won’t be disappointed!

Unusual Christmas Gifts from Bonsai Direct

Unusual Christmas gifts: If you are looking for something unique and individual this Christmas, have you considered a bonsai tree?

Bonsai are the ultimate ‘green’ Christmas gift. They bring pleasure and a calming ambiance to any home. Delight friends and family with this exceptional gift. Allow them to enjoy pruning and nurturing their little tree from the comfort of their own home. Not only that, but it adds a beautiful splash of colour for the winter months. Furthermore, with our indoor bonsai, there’s no need to go outside!

We offer the ultimate in unusual Christmas gifts service; you can personalise your bonsai gift, gift wrap your bonsai and we shall deliver it securely and safely…. wherever you want…. whenever you want.
This adds a really nice personal touch to your gift, and the gift in itself says much more than yet another knitted jumper.

Moreover, have fun with indoor gardening this Christmas with a beautiful bonsai tree from Bonsai Direct.

Christmas Bonsai Gifts

Christmas Bonsai Gifts

Christmas bonsai gifts: Are you looking for something different to give this Christmas. Something beautiful and unique.. then we have the solution. BONSAI… the perfect gift to give this Christmas

  • Stunning, top quality festive bonsai gifts.
  • The choice to personalise your gift.
  • Optional gift wrapping in cellophane with pretty bow.
  • Fast and Efficient Service – FREE Next day delivery available.
  • Choose your delivery date.
  • Bonsai gifts to suit all budgets.
Shop for Bonsai Trees now

Christmas Bonsai Gifts

Christmas Bonsai for Sale

England, Wales & Southern Scotland Deliveries

Last order date for FREE Christmas delivery – Thursday 20th December before 4pm
Last order date for weekend delivery £5.99 – Friday 21st December before 4pm

We recommend that you place orders as early as possible to ensure you get the best bonsai for you!
Please note: For Scottish Highlands, Islands and offshore destinations please allow 2-3 days for delivery.

2017 Bonsai direct Calendar

Your bonsai will be fine in its box for up to 5 days.
Please keep at normal room temperature.

On the morning of delivery you will be notified of your 1 hour delivery slot, so you know when its coming.

You can reply to the courier’s message and explain where to leave it if you are not in eg. with a neighbour or in a safe place!

Bespoke safe & secure packaging

To ensure that your gift is delivered in perfect condition we have designed the perfect packaging.

Upon delivery
Your bonsai gift will be fine in its box if you have chosen delivery on or after 20th December. For earlier deliveries please remove the bonsai from its box to allow it to have some natural daylight and ensure that the soil is kept damp. Care instructions are included with all orders.

International deliveries
We offer delivery to most European countries. Please see our delivery page for rates and delivery times.

A Perfect, Yet Unusual Gift, This Christmas; Why choose a Bonsai?

Struggling to choose a gift this Christmas for a relative that has everything? Or are you looking for a gift that will stand out from the usual this Christmas?

Unlike many other Christmas gifts available to buy, a bonsai is a long-lasting gift and is exclusive to the individual. No two bonsai are the same and each one boasts different size, captivating colouring and varying exquisite features. We believe that by individually photographing many bonsai we have on offer, we can provide the perfect bonsai diversity to peak the interests of any customer.

To emphasize this, we also provide personalized gifts and gift wrap options to make your choice of bonsai the best possible for your recipient that can easily be customized by you once you process an order through us.

Order now, receive later

In addition to this, we offer order now, receive later. We believe that this is the best way to buy your presents this Christmas as you can never be too prepared. During the simple checkout procedure, you can select a precise date of delivery anytime in the future with free delivery to almost everywhere in the UK. We deliver 7 days a week to make your Christmas hassle free!

So what else, other than individuality and long-lasting, does a bonsai gift have to offer? Our bonsai have a superb range which can brighten up the room of any house or garden for years and steal the show wherever you choose to locate them. Whether you choose a bonsai for indoor gardening, or a bonsai to elaborate your garden, we have something to suit everyone. From our striking Maple Bonsai, to the simple Beginners Elm, we accommodate for both beginner bonsai owners and experienced growers alike. Alongside any Bonsai comes a full package of care information, enabling your upkeep of the bonsai to be stress-free and easy!

So, with Christmas steadily approaching, consider a different gift this Christmas. One which is guaranteed to stand out from all the other gifts, be personalised to each individual, and  one which will last because a special and unique individual, deserves a special and unique gift this Christmas.

Gifts for the gardener who has everything – unusual gifts for dad, mum and sister

Bonsai trees make unique and unusual gifts for parents, family members and gardeners who have everything. If you are trying to find a thoughtful & beautiful gift for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas then look no further. Discover the wonderful world of indoor gardening with a beautiful beginner bonsai starter kit.
Keen gardeners make fabulous bonsai growers, as they truly understand plants and what they need. They also get so much pleasure from tending to these small miniature trees and enjoy the styling & pruning.
All our bonsai are supplied with easy to follow care instructions. They are not difficult and can even be the start of a new hobby.

Maybe you are trying to find something a little different, but unique & individual, for your dad, mum or sister – here we have some bespoke gift ideas just for them. We have put together this small range of birthday gifts for your green-fingered friends and family to give you a starting point.

Bonsai as Christmas Gifts

At this time of year we frequently get questions about sending bonsai as Christmas gifts.
We have tried to answer some of your questions here:

  1. When do you deliver? – we deliver bonsai up to and including Christmas Eve. (Christmas Eve delivery is not guaranteed so we do recommend earlier deliver dates).
  2. When is the best time to order my gift? – Last orders need to be placed before noon on the 21st December. You may order now and choose your delivery date.
  3. How much care do the bonsai require before Christmas Day? – The bonsai only require a minimal amount of care in the short time between delivery and Christmas Day – If you are able to give it some daylight and ensure that it does not dry out.
  4. Do you gift wrap the bonsai? – Gift wrapping in cellophane with a bow is an optional extra (£1.99). The bonsai look stunning when gift wrapped. The gift wrapping is designed so that you can still water the bonsai.
  5. Do you deliver directly to family & friends? – Yes, you may choose a different delivery address, add a greetings message and choose your delivery date at the checkout.
  6. How much is delivery?Delivery is FREE to most areas of the UK and you may select the date you wish your gift to be delivered.
  7. Are care instructions included? – Yes, all our bonsai come complete with a care sheet.

Bonsai make wonderful Christmas gifts for any home and also offer something a little unusual when you are struggling to find that perfect gift.

View our range of Christmas Bonsai Gifts>

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If you have any questions or comments about bonsai as Christmas Gifts please leave us a comment in the box below:


Our Black Friday Event for 2019 runs from Friday 15th November until Tuesday 2nd December, following Cyber Monday.

Stunning bonsai trees for sale at absolutely bargain prices.
You may choose your delivery date at the checkout and FREE delivery is available to most of the UK.
We also deliver to most of Europe.

Don’t forget once this bonsai bargains have sold they are gone. Treat yourself or a friend now!

Bonsai Direct offers new Wedding Gift selection ~ stunning unusual gifts

Bonsai Wedding Gifts from Bonsai Direct

*Beautiful Weddings Gifts with a difference.
*Choice gifts, beautifully presented for this special occasion.
*Complimentary greetings card for your warm wishes.
*Optional gift wrapping service
*Have your gift delivered direct
*Choose your delivery date at the checkout.
*Care Instructions are included with all our bonsai.
*Free delivery to most areas of the UK.

How do I repot my bonsai tree video DVD – 8 chapters

Lloyd Noall’s Bonsai Lessons Volume 2 – Potting Basics

Excellent and informative DVD about how to re-pot both indoor & outdoor bonsai trees, by Bonsai Master Lloyd Noall.
Lloyd teaches the basic principles and techniques of bonsai root pruning and re-potting. In this DVD the re-potting of a Chinese Elm (indoor bonsai) and Japanese Red Maple (outdoor bonsai) are described in details.
The entire DVD has been split into 8 easy to access chapters. We would love some feedback on our videos. You should be able to comment below.

FREE DELIVERY to most areas.
Buy before 4pm for next working day delivery.
Weekend delivery also available.