How do I repot my bonsai tree video DVD – 8 chapters

Lloyd Noall’s Bonsai Lessons Volume 2 – Potting Basics

Excellent and informative DVD about how to re-pot both indoor & outdoor bonsai trees, by Bonsai Master Lloyd Noall.
Lloyd teaches the basic principles and techniques of bonsai root pruning and re-potting. In this DVD the re-potting of a Chinese Elm (indoor bonsai) and Japanese Red Maple (outdoor bonsai) are described in details.
The entire DVD has been split into 8 easy to access chapters. We would love some feedback on our videos. You should be able to comment below.

Penjing: The art of bonsai landscapes

Penjing is the art of small scale natural landscapes through the partnering of bonsai and ornaments to create a carefully crafted scene. These scenes are representative of the rich Chinese culture by capturing the spirit of nature through contrasts, aspects of Chinese poetry and visual arts. The beautiful landscapes often include bonsai, detailed carved rock, miniature figurines, temples and are finished by their placement into a decorative, hand-painted​ pot which sets them aside from ordinary potted plants.

These scenes are highly representative of Chinese culture both historically and philosophically. Historically, the first documents containing descriptions of miniature landscapes are found from the Tang dynasty times (~AD 618). However, the art of creating miniature landscapes predates the 3rd and 4th centuries in China where there are legends of Taoists having had the ability to resize large landscapes into a potted size.

Penjing is also influenced by Chinese philosophy, particularly the principles of Taoism, including that of the yin and yang concept; the belief the universe is governed by that of two primal (balanced) forces. It’s this concept of balance which is experimented with in bonsai garden landscapes; playing upon the contrasts of denseness and sparseness, the straightness of the tree versus its twistiness, and its size and shape.

Top Tips from Bonsai Expert Lloyd Noall – Autumn

A few tips from Lloyd Noall about Autumn Bonsai care:

  • In Autumn, Bonsai growth will slow, so please take extra care with the watering. Please keep the soil just damp as your bonsai will require less water during cooler days. Do not be caught out -the sun could still pop out!
  • Continue to feed all indoor bonsai weekly with Bonsai Direct Fertiliser. Deciduous outdoor bonsai should be fed until the end of October or when the leaves drop. Evergreen outdoor bonsai, such as pines & junipers, can be fed once a month.
  • Please place outdoor bonsai in a more sheltered position in the garden or an unheated greenhouse. Ensure they are checked for water on warmer days.
  • Ensure indoor bonsai are in a bright position as the daylength is now reducing.
  • Protect your indoor bonsai from cold draughts. They prefer an even temperature.
  • Mist indoor bonsai twice a week with Bonsai Mist. This will help counteract dry air caused by central heating and give your bonsai a conditioning to enhance leaf growth.
  • Finally, enjoy any seasonal changes ….

All the best LloydTop tips from Bonsai Master Lloyd Noall - Growing bonsia in autumn

Our brand new bonsai figurines

Discover our fantastic new figurines that are placed with their sympathetic bonsai trees. Our new elephants are just one of many different figurines, including cats, dogs and buddhas.

Why I love the English Oak [Quercus robur] bonsai tree for the garden

The English Oak, or Quercus robur, as it is known in latin is, unsurprisingly, a national favourite.
One of the reasons why I love the English Oak is, I believe, the same as why many others do too; they ooze character.
English Oaks typically have large, sturdy trunks which, once aged, have fascinating individual details and engravings. Each bonsai has a unique story and so each bonsai tree also has a completely different trunk to the next, giving each and every one a sense of individuality despite their similar, signature appearance.

Their hardy nature and structure perfectly reflect the reason why the Oak is an emblem of power, strength, ancient wisdom and survival and many nations, including England, have chosen the Oak as their national tree.

In addition to this, the English Oak is representative of qualities related to power and durability, as well as being considered a bearer of good luck, fertility, potency, healing and health.

A feature I really admire of oak trees is their vibrant green leaves with perfectly defined, patterned edges. It’s not hard to see why they are the ultimate telltale signs of an Oak tree; after all, their marvellously symmetric and slender lobed leaves are truly striking to those with attention to small details, even when so many are combined in a dense canopy.

Another reason why an English Oak is one of my favourite trees is that they have a sense of warmth about them; the size and exemplary proportions from years of work and development, gives the larger oak trees an air of wisdom, making them a comforting- yet powerful- presence wherever they may be placed.
And so, I believe that the oak is one of the best choices of bonsai due to their immense character and unequalled charm.

King of the English woodland A beautiful bonsai with spectacular design

English Oak Bonsai Tree (Quercus robur)

Although I love all trees, the English Oak (Quercus robur) holds a special place in my heart. So much so, that we chose to call our only son ‘Oak’ – our two older children are girls. I should have expected that our son Oak would tower above the rest of the family at the age of 12 years.
It was a natural progression for me to specialise in Oak bonsai trees.

Our English Oak bonsaiEnglish Oak (Quercus robot) Bonsai Tree  are fantastic representations of these majestic native trees. They form powerful trunks and main branches and make incredible bonsai. On most of our oak bonsai the leaf size is down to about 5cm (2″) and on some of the older ones they are about 2.5cm (1″) They are easy to care for and extremely hardy.

The leaves of the Oak trees are fresh and lush at the moment and form a fantastic canopy. Oak bonsai are outdoor bonsai trees. They are deciduous trees and require the dormant winter to rest. This year we have noticed that many of our Oak Bonsai Trees have come into leaf late; the Oak is always one of the latest trees to leaf but I think following a harsh winter they have leafed up even later.

Oak tree meaning or symbolism:
With age the Oak displays a very powerful strong trunk, incredible exposed root flare with spreading design which is mirrored in the canopy. The bark is aged and craggy as one would expect to find in a very old woodland tree. The oak is an emblem of power, strength, ancient wisdom and survival and many nations, including England, have chosen the Oak as their national tree. In addition to representing qualities related to power and durability, the oak tree is considered a bearer of good luck, fertility, potency, healing and health.

A few tips are listed below about growing and caring for Oak Bonsai Trees.

  • The biggest enemy of outdoor bonsai is wind. Strong winds will quickly dehydrate any delicate buds and leaves so a sheltered position is preferable.
  • Although most bonsai will tolerate most weather conditions the ideal situation is a sheltered semi-shaded position. This helps prevent your bonsai from drying out too quickly.
  • Watering is the most important part of growing bonsai. Check your bonsai morning and evening to see if it needs watering. If the soil looks dark and feels wet then it will not require watering. Only when the soil looks light brown and feels damp will your bonsai require more water. Water thoroughly all over the soil until the water drains through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Never let your bonsai dry out and avoid keeping it constantly wet. The soil should go from wet to damp between watering. Remember the hotter the position the more water your bonsai will use. If the soil surface becomes hard during hot weather simply submerge your bonsai in water, to cover the soil surface, for about ten minutes.
  • Oaks are deciduous bonsai should be pruned to shape rather than wired, as the wiring will damage the delicate bark. New shoots which have grown to about 2-3cm should be pruned using a sharp pair of bonsai scissors. Carefully prune back to the first pair of new leaves.
  • To keep your bonsai strong and healthy we recommend the use of a good bonsai fertiliser.

all the best

New Home & House Warming Gifts that grow

We have some beautiful inspired and artistic new home or housewarming gifts; beautiful indoor bonsai trees and kits which symbolise new beginnings and warm wishes. The Chinese Sweet Plum is a fabulous indoor bonsai variety and ideal for beginners. Easily cared for with small purple fruits as it matures, it’s an extremely elegant variety of tree.

With such a beautiful meaning, this gift is sure to delight close friends or family members as they enjoy their new home. Help them settle into their new pad and make them feel special with a beautiful bonsai tree with keepsake ‘New Home’ heart.

S-Shaped fruiting beginners bonsai kit – The perfect new house warming gift [£49.99]

The perfect home warming gift

This lovely fruiting indoor bonsai is a Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezans) and therefore the perfect gift to express your congratulations and celebrate the new home of a close friend or member of the family.

The Sweet Plum is a beautiful and elegant bonsai which displays small purple fruits as it matures.

It’s a symbol of protection, creativity and new beginnings – well suited as a gift to family, friends or co-workers to show that you wish them well in their new start.

Very cute New Home or House Warming gift idea

This very cute miniature fruiting indoor baby bonsai is a Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezans) and so it’s the perfect gift to express your congratulations and celebrate the new home of a close friend or member of the family.

The Sweet Plum is a beautiful and elegant bonsai which displays small purple fruits as it matures. It’s a symbol of protection, creativity and new beginnings. They’re well suited as a gift to family, friends or co-workers to show that you wish them well in their new start.

Included with this bonsai is a New Home heart, a blue ceramic drip tray & sweet plum bonsai meanings tag.
You can choose the best delivery date at the checkout and free delivery is available to most areas of the UK.

An inspired and artistic beginners indoor bonsai kit which will bring many years of pleasure. In addition, full care instructions are included to help those you gift it to, to get started.

Fabulous bonsai house warming gift which symbolises new beginnings

Bonsai in the rain – some beautiful macro photography

For us, there’s nothing quite as poetic as bonsai in the rain.
Here are some fabulous photos of our outdoor bonsai range in the rain.

Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum

Japanese Larch – Larix

Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum

Copper Beech – Fagus sylvatica

Japanese Black Pine – Pinus thunburgii

Crabapple – Malus sylvestris

Chinese Juniper – Juniperus chinensis

Dogwood – Cornus

Japanese Maple – Acer palmatum

Japanese Red Maple – Acer palmatum deshojo

Bonsai shaping inspiration

Pruning and wiring your bonsai will determine its shape. There are many ways that your bonsai can then grow.
Here are some examples of shapes that you can produce.

Informal Upright (Moyogi)

This is the shape that you’ll most commonly encounter, and the way that most commercial growers will shape their bonsai.
This tends to look the most aesthetically pleasing in the widest variety of settings.

Slanting (Shakkan)

Characterised, as is clear by the name, by the typically quite straight but leaning trunk.

The trunk should be carefully considered, to have the nebari pointing in the opposite direction to the lean.

Windswept (Fukinagashi)

Again, as is clear by the name, the fukinagashi style appears as though it has been grown in a strong prevailing wind.

Typically the branches will also be pointing in same direction.

Literati or Bunjin (Bunjingi)

Taken from the literati of imperial china, these bonsai tend to be stripped of their branches at the lower level with a crown of branches at the top.

This can be achieved with very hard pruning.

Twin Trunk (Sokan)

Typically this shape is achieved by allowing one of the young branches to grow much thicker than would otherwise be allowed.

The same effect could be achieve with growing two trees very close to one another, whose trunk then merge as they grow.

Formal Upright (Chokkan)

This is the most formal style of bonsai, and grown in similar fashion/shape as that of a chrismas tree; with a thick trunk at the base which gradually tapers. The branch structure follows a similar pattern.

Amazing Mother’s Day Maple Bonsai Gifts

Struggling with ideas for the perfect gift this Mother’s Day? Looking for something different, something personal and something lasting? Well, with Mother’s Day around the corner, we have just the solution to your search!

We are pleased to introduce our new outdoor maple tree range, exclusively for Mother’s Day to give you the best gift for your mum.

Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum) are a bonsai classic, admired all around the world. They belong to the ornamental trees for which there are many species, all renowned for their distinctive lobed leaves and transitioning of vibrant colours throughout the seasons.

Our judiciously chosen maple for our Mother’s Day range is the ‘Katsura’; its striking display of leaves and ideal proportions make it such a magnificent showcase, regardless of garden size. In the spring its leaves are lobed with stunning orange shades and complementary reddish margins. During the summer, they fade to vivid green and a range of contrasting fiery red tones. Then in autumn, they boast bold undertones of intense yellow, orange and red.

With regular maintenance and care, your bonsai tree gift will a lifetime! They are easy to care for, requiring low maintenance, partial shade or full sun and healthy soil making it the perfect bonsai for beginners and professionals alike.

Most significantly for Mother’s Day, the maple is symbolic of unconditional kindness, understanding and gratitude, making it the perfect, personal gift!

So why not give the gift of a unique, personal and long-lasting maple bonsai to your mother this year?

Beautiful seasonal colour of the maple bonsai tree
Acer palmatum ‘Katsura’ maple bonsai leaves during spring

Japanese Flowering Cherry Blossom Bonsai Trees

Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-ni-mai’

Flowering Cherry trees (Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-no-mai’), are deciduous bonsai and often highly regarded as an ornamental species. They are most renowned for their pale pink/ white showy flowers which blossom before leaves emerge in the spring and their remarkable orange-blush autumn foliage colour

Some have ornamental bark, whilst others boast small edible fruit during the autumn months. Its leaves are shaped artistically and give it a delicate and dainty appearance.

Cherry trees signify good fortune, new beginnings, revival, and future happiness, and so make a perfect gift for family and friends.
I love the Cherry tree. It is a beautiful outdoor bonsai species which will enhance any garden, pationor decking. With constantly changing beauty the cherry blossom has so much to admire
Cherry Blossom bonsai trees

Valentine’s Day Bonsai Tree Gifts for Sale from Bonsai Direct


Valentine’s Day Bonsai Tree Gifts
We have a beautiful collection of bonsai tree gifts for Valentines Day 2019.
Truly artistic bonsai gifts with free delivery to most of the UK.
You can add a complimentary message to your order.
This year Valentine’s Day is Thursday 14th February.
You can order NOW and choose Valentine’s Day delivery at the checkout.

Why send a bonsai as a Valentine’s Day gift?

Typically cards and flowers are sent as gifts on Valentine’s Day; but bonsai trees last years beyond flowers which fade and die. Valentine’s day is a cultural celebration of romance and love, and what better way to celebrate than with a bonsai tree symbolising love & devotion. A bonsai will bring years of pleasure and be a beautiful reminder to that special person in your life; when flowers would be but a distant memory.
Our stunning range of Valentine’s gifts are all beautiful examples of indoor bonsai, each being lovingly and carefully packaged in bespoke packaging. Full care instructions are included with every bonsai tree and you may choose your delivery date at the checkout.
We offer lovely gift wrap options to ensure you special present looks even more fantastic and you may add your personal message in one of two ways; either printed onto a special waterproof label which is adhered to the ceramic pot or as a gift message included on the care card.
Surprise your partner or secret Valentine on February 14th this year with a beautiful bonsai from the professionals at Bonsai Direct.
All our indoor bonsai are potted into pretty ceramic pots; a beautiful touch to an elegant & artistic gift.

New in stock – Figurines & Temples to accessorise your bonsai

Customers have been in touch to show their interest in our wide range of figurines to adorn your tree, and are now able to purchase Figurines and Temples to accessorise their bonsai trees.

We now offer 4 new ceramic, hand-painted fishermen and temples. They are also beautifully glazed, so they’ll stand the test of time.

We’ve got much more besides; with elephants, cats, dogs and buddhas on offer too.

VIEW ornate Chinese figurines & Temples >

Bonsai tree temples and figures

Gifts for the gardener who has everything – unusual gifts for dad, mum and sister

Bonsai trees make unique and unusual gifts for parents, family members and gardeners who have everything. If you are trying to find a thoughtful & beautiful gift for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas then look no further. Discover the wonderful world of indoor gardening with a beautiful beginners bonsai starter kit.
Keen gardeners make fabulous bonsai growers, as they truly understand plants and what they need. They also get so much pleasure from tending to these small miniature trees and enjoy the styling & pruning.
All our bonsai are supplied with easy to follow care instructions. They are not difficult and can even be the start of a new hobby.

Maybe you are trying to find something a little different, but unique & individual, for your dad, mum or sister – here we have some bespoke gift ideas just for them. We have put together this small range of birthday gifts for your green-fingered friends and family to give you a starting point.


Personalised Gift for Grandparents – Beautiful birthday or gifts for Nan, Grandad & Granny.

It can sometimes be hard to find a great personalised gift for nan or grandad when it seems like they have everything already. Our personalised gifts for grandparents are certaintly unique and are the perfect way to show them how much you love them. Bonsai are not only a wonderful present but also can be the beginning of a new hobby, which can bring joy for years to come.

Each of our special bonsai gifts come complete with a beautiful Oriental Tea Tree [always a favourite as it has small white flowers], bonsai fertiliser, a drip tray and pruning scissors. Also included is a white porcelain heart-shaped engraved Special Gran, or Grandad gifts tag.
All our bonsai come with full care instructions and you can add a personal message on the pot or a free greetings message. A personalised pot message is only £1.50 – see the example below.
Add a greetings message to your bonsai pot



You can also choose the delivery date at the checkout, so your special gift could arrive on a birthday or just in time for Christmas.
Bring years of joy to your Granny or Grandad with a beautiful indoor bonsai starter kit.