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Bonsai Trees for Sale | Easy Care Bonsai for your home and office

Bonsai Trees & Bonsai Tree Kits for Sale UK | Best Range for Beginners. FREE delivery. Choose the delivery date! Bonsai Trees which fruit or flower are particular favourites. Our bonsai tree range is comprehensive. We offer bonsai of all sizes, species and ages and for every budget.

The top-selling Indoor bonsai tree, the Chinese Elm, signifies love, balance, calm and peaceful energy.

Firstly, The Chinese Elm bonsai (Ulmus parviflolia) makes a truly beautiful bonsai plant. It has small leaves, which are bright to deep green and slightly serrated. Additionally, this tree has excellent twig structure and has great character throughout It is the perfect representation of a woodland tree. A very easy bonsai to care for which is ideal for beginners or as a starter bonsai.

The Ficus is a bonsai tree that signifies health both spiritually and physically.

The noteworthy Ficus Bonsai (Fig family) has dark green glossy leaves and is unusual in that it will tolerate lower light levels. The fig makes a fantastic indoor bonsai and should be protected from the frost. It buds back very quickly after pruning and has an immense amount of character in the truck and aerial root system. A very powerful bonsai, fun and easy to care for.

The Carmona Bonsai | Fukien Tea Bonsai symbolises courage and heart; perfect for love & devotion

In contrast, the Carmona Bonsai or Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphyllais a simple and elegant bonsai ideal for growing indoors. This bonsai has pretty white flowers during summer months and lovely green, shiny and waxy foliage. The leaves are unusually shaped & well proportioned. The leaves grow in neat clusters allowing the flowers and branch structure to be highly visible. A highly appealing and artistic bonsai variety.

The Sageretia indoor bonsai tree symbolises protection, creativity, new life & warm wishes

Additionally, the favourite Sageretia Bonsai or  Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezansis a very pretty indoor bonsai which has a great character at an early age due to the flaky bark revealing tones of red/tan. The stunning new foliage has hints of rusty red turning to glossy green. Small white flowers give rise to tiny purple plum-shaped fruits. We believe the Chinese Sweet Plum to be highly under-rated. It is very pretty, has great character and is easy to care for.

The exciting pepper tree bonsai symbolises purification, healing and protection making it the perfect Get Well Soon Gift

Probably the Zanthoxylum Bonsai or Pepper Tree Bonsai (Zanthoxylum piperitumhas a loveliest sweet zesty fragrance of all indoor bonsai and with bright green glossy leaflets, it makes this a lovely indoor bonsai. Small clusters of tiny white flowers with lush & aromatic foliage. Furthermore, the pepper tree is a vibrant bonsai which is easy to care for.

A relative of the Olive tree, the ligustrum sinense symbolises peace and friendship

The Ligustrum sinense is an ideal beginner bonsai, fast-growing, strong & vigorous. A beautiful shaped artistic tree with a highly defined shape. Certainly a bonsai ideal for wiring techniques and fun to style by pruning too.

The Jade symbolises Good Luck and Prosperity – perfect meanings for any gift

The lucky Money Tree Bonsai or  Jade tree is a variety of bonsai plant which requires minimal watering. Consequently, it is an incredibly easy indoor bonsai variety to care for. The miniature Jade tree (Portulacaria Afra) likes a drier soil, and will not require frequent watering. Above all, it is a well-proportioned bonsai with naturally small smooth-edged leaves and a compact habit. Grows beautifully as a ‘broom/orchard style’.

A perfect bonsai for beginners and those with less time for bonsai care which symbolises Good Luck and Prosperity – perfect meanings for any gift. Often known as the money tree bonsai.

The Serissa Bonsai | Snow Rose Bonsai Tree with Beautiful Summer White Flowers

The Serissa Bonsai Tree is a highly regarded indoor bonsai frequently called the Snow Rose Bonsai or Tree of a Thousand Stars. Dainty white summer flowers give rise to these names. Adorned with dainty white or pink star-like flowers which shine against the tiny green leaves. Textured creamy bark adds to the age and beauty. Symbolises Well Being, Good Luck & Hope.

The Bonsai Syzygium is a wonderful little Bonsai Plant | Often called The Rose Apple Bonsai or Myrtle Bonsai

The Syzygium Bonsai has it all. Beautiful semi double cream flowers and cherry like fruits. The new tips to the leaves are often flushed red. A very easy care beginners bonsai tree which has some wonderful attributes. The small proportions are sensational and it is particularly easy to care for. A relatively hardy species which has the beautiful tree meaning of love, good fortune, long life and joyful living.


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  • Woodland style beginners indoor bonsai starter kitOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 31cm Age. 8yrs

    Evergreen Indoor Flowering Myrtle/Roseapple (Syzygium Buxifolium) – Flowering & Fruiting Starter Kit

  • Beautiful flowering & Fruiting Syzygium Myrtle bonsai for saleOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 33cm Age. 12yrs

    Evergreen Indoor Flowering Twisty Oriental Myrtle (Roseapple) & Tray

  • Special Serissa bonsai Christmas gift - stunningOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Tree of a thousand Stars/Snowrose bonsai [Serissa foetida] Christmas Gift Set

  • Roseapple indor bonsai with beautiful styling for beginnersOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Syzygium Bonsai Tree | S-Shaped Oriental Flowering Indoor Bonsai – Cream flowers & blush-red tips

  • Broom Myrtle Roseapple Flowering & Fruiting Indoor bonsaiOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 25cm Age. 8yrs

    Evergreen Indoor Flowering Myrtle/Roseapple (Syzygium buxifolium) – Flowering & Fruiting

  • Roseapple Myrtle fruiting and flowering bonsai for sale UKOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Myrtle Bonsai | Twisty Oriental Flowering Indoor Bonsai Starter Kit

  • Mid sized flowering bonsai starter kit Christmas giftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 33cm Age. 12yrs

    Christmas Beginners Medium Sized Twisty Flowering Tea Tree Bonsai Kit – BEST BUY SAVE 20%

  • Beginners simple Christmas bonsai tree for saleOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Easy for Beginners Twisty Indoor Bonsai Tree Favourite with Merry Christmas Robin Tag

  • Simply flowering Christmas bonsai for sale with Robin tagOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 28cm Age. 8yrs

    Special Offer Oriental Tea Tree Flowering Indoor Bonsai – Merry Christmas

  • Twisty sweet plum Christmas bonsai tree giftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 27cm Age. 8yrs

    Traditional Christmas Twisty Sweet Plum Bonsai Gift

  • Delightful Dwarf Bonsai Christmas GiftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 20cm Age. 6yrs

    Flowering Miniature Tea Tree Bonsai Christmas Gift | Star-Shaped White Flowers. SAVE OVER 20%

  • Christmas Bonsai kit with accessoriesOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 33cm Age. 12yrs

    Christmas Beginners Twisty Indoor Bonsai Starter Kit Bargain – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • Cute Tree of a thousand stars - Snowrose bonsai for saleOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 24cm Age. 8yrs

    Tree of a Thousand Stars [Snowrose] Indoor Bonsai with small white flowers

  • Small cute serissa bonsai tree Christmas giftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 25cm Age. 8yrs

    Cute Christmas Miniature Bonsai Tree | Thousand Stars [Snowrose] Indoor Bonsai with White Flowers

  • Tree of a Thousand Stars bonsai for sale UKOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 25cm Age. 8yrs

    Tree of a Thousand Stars [Snowrose] Indoor Bonsai with Small White Summertime Flowers

  • Adorable Serissa bonsai tree. 12 year old with white flower, drip tray, bonsai fertiliser & bonsai scissors. Free deliveryOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 36cm Age. 12yrs

    All Time Favourite – Serissa Bonsai Starter Kit | Fantastic 12 Year Old Tree of a thousand Stars [Snowrose]

  • Serissa bonsai tree for sale in blue ceramic potOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Tree of a thousand Stars/Snowrose bonsai [Serissa foetida]

  • Serissa indoor bonsai tree with dainty proportions, bonsai fertiliser, drip tray & bonsai scissorsOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Tree of a thousand Stars/Snowrose Bonsai Starter Kit [Serissa foetida]

  • Mid sized tree of a thousand stars bonsai for saleOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 36cm Age. 12yrs

    Fantastic 12 Year Old Tree of a thousand Stars [Snowrose] – Flowering Bonsai

  • Exemplary Serissa bonsai tree mature Christmas Bonsai tree giftOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 36cm Age. 12yrs

    Stunning Christmas Serissa Bonsai Gift | Fantastic 12 Year Old Tree of a thousand Stars [Snowrose]

  • Serissa Bonsai Tree with Merry Christmas tagThis is the bonsai tree you will receiveOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 35cm Age. 15yrs

    15 Year-Old Serissa Bonsai Tree : Exquisite, Unique, and Easy-Care

  • supreme Christmas bonsai plant gift set with accessoriesOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 30cm Age. 8yrs

    Festive Twisty Sweet Plum Bonsai Gift – Fun, Creative & Beautiful

  • Broom style Oriental Tea Tree with humidity trayOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 22cm Age. 6yrs

    Flowering Baby Bonsai Tree with Drip Tray

  • Broom Zanthoxylum piperitum indoor bonsai and trayOverall Height Approx inc. Pot. 25cm Age. 6yrs

    Cute Zesty Aromatic Pepper Tree Beginners Indoor Bonsai


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Bonsai Trees for Indoor Gardening & Complete Beginners

We offer a fabulous range of bonsai trees for indoors for complete beginners and experienced growers alike.

Whether for your lounge, dining room, bedroom, kitchen or office we offer the perfect bonsai tree for you. Interestingly, bonsai trees have the most beautiful and artistic shape and bring some of nature into your home. Consequently, they offer a lovely focal point, something truly beautiful to enjoy.

The pleasure derived from pruning is immense and all the bonsai trees we sell are ideal for complete beginners. Because of this, we only stock varieties which grow well with the UK and Europe thus making them suitable for everyone.

Certainly fruiting and flowering species and natural twiggy and twisty specimens are the favourites. We also offer beautiful gifts for all occasions or bonsai trees to enhance your own home or office.

Bonsai Trees for Sale

Discover our wonderful collection of bonsai trees for sale, meticulously designed and styled to bring nature into your space. Whether you’re an experienced enthusiast or a beginner to bonsai, our selection offers a variety of species and styles, ensuring you find the perfect living ornament.

Bonsai Tree Meaning

The art of bonsai goes beyond horticulture – it signifies patience, harmony, and a deep connection to nature. The meaning of a bonsai tree extends to the deep symbolism of its miniature stature. Each tree reflects the beauty of nature in a scaled-down representation. Each variety has their own individual symbolisation, you can read more about those here.

Indoor Bonsai Tree

Elevate your indoor aesthetics with a delightful indoor bonsai tree. These living pieces of art are grown to thrive in indoor environments, allowing you to bring the elegance of nature’s artistry right into your home or office. Explore a diverse range of indoor bonsai species, each displaying different attributes from fruit and flowers, to fragrant foliage.

Is My Bonsai Tree Real?

If you received it from us, yes! We do not sell artificial bonsai. Experience the beauty of nature with our real bonsai trees. Crafted through years of styling and shaping, they perfectly represent woodland trees in miniature form.

Bonsai Tree Care

We have a wide range of bonsai tree care products and tools available. From selecting the right soil to correct pruning techniques, our comprehensive resources guide you through every step of caring for your bonsai. Understand the importance of maintaining the health and beauty of these miniature trees, ensuring they flourish for generations to come. Click here to view our bonsai care range.

FREE Next Working Day Delivery

We offer FREE next working day delivery when ordered before 3:30pm. FREE delivery is available within England, Wales and Edinburgh and Glasgow postcodes in Scotland.

Delivery on either a Saturday or Sunday is available at a small surcharge. We can also offer Premium deliveries (before 1pm). Additionally, you can choose your delivery date on the calendar at the checkout.

For The Scottish Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland delivery takes 2 working days.

We include a FREE Bonsai Care Instruction guide with all our bonsai trees for sale.

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An eco-friendly bonsai tree from a small, independent UK business who are conscious about their sustainability and are helping to fight the fight for clean air.
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