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Tree of a Thousand Stars (Serissa foetida) indoor bonsai trees
  • Star-shaped white flowers
  • Pretty bonsai
  • Delicate foliage
  • Warm environment
  • Textured creamy bark
  • Infrequent watering

Serissa Bonsai – A Blooming Bonsai with Naturally Small Proportions

The Serissa foetida bonsai tree is a very pretty, delicately proportioned indoor bonsai, which has small elongated leaves which are smooth around the edges. The bark has great character and is a beautiful beige colour and is often flaky and textured giving the appearance of age. The added bonus being the beautiful star-shaped small white flowers experienced during mid-late summer. The Serissa is commonly known as The tree of a Thousand Stars bonsai or Snowrose Bonsai Tree. Please protect from frost. Ideal as an indoor bonsai.

Bonsai in general symbolise peace, harmony, order of thoughts and balance.
The Serissa is a dainty tree which symbolises well being, good luck and hope.

Serissa Bonsai – A Truly Delightful Graceful Indoor Bonsai Species

The Serissa bonsai tree is a real gem of a miniature indoor tree. The small miniature proportions are beautiful. A flowering variety with tiny snow white star shaped flowers which give rise to the more common names of The Tree of a Thousand Stars and Snowrose. These blossoms are small, dainty, and absolutely stunning in their simplicity. This is an evergreen bonsai species but is not frost hardy so should be grown indoors during winter months. It is extremely ornate and oriental in design. The leaves of the Serissa are naturally compact – ensuring an even lush designed miniature tree.

The Serissa bonsai thrive indoors, making them a popular choice for homes, offices, apartments and flats. It is well known for its fine and delicate branches, allowing for intricate shaping and styling. Its leaves stay green year-round, contributing to its beauty even during the winter months. Its responsive nature to wiring and pruning techniques allows grower to create various styles and designs

The Tree of Well Being, Hope and Good Luck

Are you trying to find a gift with the special meanings of hope or good luck? This has to be a top recommendation. The Tree of a Thousand Stars would make a spectacular Wedding, Anniversary or Birthday gift idea. It is creative, artistic and exceptionally pretty.

Caring for your Serissa Bonsai

This species of bonsai is very fine rooted so it prefers to be kept on the drier side. Consequently, less frequent watering is recommended. Once a week we recommend using our Bonsai fertiliser in the water to provide the bonsai the nutrients it requires to flourish. It likes a warm position away from cold draughts. A position with some natural light; but please avoid very hot bright locations during mid summer so you do not scorch the leaves. Styling is easy, it responds well to gentle pruning.

  • Tree of a Thousand Stars bonsai for sale UK
    Tree of a Thousand Stars [Snowrose] Indoor Bonsai with Small White Summertime Flowers
  • Small cute serissa bonsai tree Christmas gift
    Cute Christmas Miniature Bonsai Tree | Thousand Stars [Snowrose] Indoor Bonsai with White Flowers
  • Cute Tree of a thousand stars - Snowrose bonsai for sale
    Tree of a Thousand Stars [Snowrose] Indoor Bonsai with small white flowers
  • Serissa bonsai tree for sale in blue ceramic pot
    Tree of a thousand Stars/Snowrose bonsai [Serissa foetida]
  • Incredible miniature Serissa foetida (Tree of a thousand stars) in navy pot with white flowers
    Serissa Bonsai Tree: A Tree of a Thousand Stars | Excellence Range
  • Mid sized tree of a thousand stars bonsai for sale
    Fantastic 12 Year Old Tree of a thousand Stars [Snowrose] – Flowering Bonsai
  • Serissa indoor bonsai tree with dainty proportions, bonsai fertiliser, drip tray & bonsai scissors
    Tree of a thousand Stars/Snowrose Bonsai Starter Kit [Serissa foetida]
  • Special Serissa bonsai Christmas gift - stunning
    Tree of a thousand Stars/Snowrose bonsai [Serissa foetida] Christmas Gift Set
  • Adorable Serissa bonsai tree. 12 year old with white flower, drip tray, bonsai fertiliser & bonsai scissors. Free delivery
    All Time Favourite – Serissa Bonsai Starter Kit | Fantastic 12 Year Old Tree of a thousand Stars [Snowrose]
  • Curvaceous Serissa japonica or Tree of a Thousand Stars flowering bonsai for sale UK
    The Tree of a Thousand Stars Flowering Bonsai
  • Exemplary Serissa bonsai tree mature Christmas Bonsai tree gift
    Stunning Christmas Serissa Bonsai Gift | Fantastic 12 Year Old Tree of a thousand Stars [Snowrose]
  • Flowering Serissa foetida or Tree of a Thousand Stars indoor bonsai UK
    Tree of a Thousand Stars Flowering Bonsai Tree – Lovely Trunk Shape
  • Serissa Christmas bonsai tree gift
    Tree of a Thousand Stars Bonsai – Excellent Indoor Christmas Tree
  • Serissa foetida with beautiful texture
    Elegant Tree of a Thousand Stars Bonsai – Wonderful Shape & Characteristic Features
  • Twisty Serissa foetida flowering indoor bonsai tree UK
    10 Year-Old Serissa foetida Bonsai: Exquisite, Unique, and Easy-Care

Picture of the stunning snow white flowers of the Serissa Bonsai tree

17 replies

  1. I am going to my friends wedding , I thought she would like a bonsai? Looked a this one also the plum ? She is a a beginner, so please would you advise me it is an indoor one I want , I do like the ones with colours, I don’t have a lot of money being retired and she is a young lady , so I won’t to get her interested

    1. Dear Ken,
      Thank you for your enquiry. A bonsai makes a lovely gift. We do not currently have any Serissa but we have some stunning Sweet Plum bonsai. They are perfect for indoors and have small purple fruits as they mature.
      The Sweet Plum is significantly easier to care for and is ideal for beginners.
      Delivery is free to most areas. I hope this helps
      kind regards

  2. Do you sell bonsai maple/ aser tree, I would like a really nice version for my son in laws birthday in April. Im worried about Corvit 19 as he has Crohns,, and how this would be delivered to our out of the way home in the Brecons Wales. Around £100 is with in my budget.
    Thank you Ann Wood.

    1. Hi Ann. We are delivering everyday as we are a family business and are not in contact with anyone outside. We will start adding maples to the website on Monday as they are juts coming into leaf and will be ready to photograph. We can deliver to you Free of charge. Kind regards Sarah

  3. Hello, my husband has always wanted a bonsai tree for his office at work. What do you recommend for ease of maintenance? It’s a 30th wedding anniversary gift.

    1. Hi Dawn,
      I would recommend a Chinese Elm or a Ficus or a Jade tree.
      I hope this helps
      best wishes

  4. I am thankful that I noticed this web blog, precisely the right info that I was searching for! .

  5. I love my Tree of a Thousand Stars bonsai – its sooooo pretty 🤩 Came in a blue pot and was delivered next day. Well happy 👍

  6. My brother brought me this bonsai for my birthday and I love it. It came with care instructions which was very helpful. It is very pretty with small white flowers. It was very carefully packaged so was beautiful when I opened the box. This may be the start of something! thanks Cassie x

  7. I bought a tree of a thousand stars for my wife at Christmas. It was just as shown and has grown well since and needed trimmed regularly.
    Just to say excellent service and value very pleased

    1. Hi Brian,
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are really pleased to hear your wife’s Tree of a Thousand Stars is growing well and that you are satisfied with the service received. Best wishes, The Bonsai Direct Team.

  8. Received a bonsai from Bonsai Direct for my birthday. Well impressed. A fantastic tree – really healthy and so well packaged. It arrived on my birthday as had been ordered by the sister. Thanks a million. I love the Tree of a Thousand stars – it really looks like an old tree and the proportions are amazing.

  9. OMG, guys! I just gotta tell you about this amazeballs Tree of a Thousand stars bonsai I got from y’all! It’s, like, seriously the coolest thing ever! 😍✨

    First off, can we talk about the pot? It’s, like, this super cute blue ceramic pot that totally matches my room decor. It adds, like, a pop of colour and makes my bonsai look so fab! 💙🌟

    And let’s not forget about the bonsai itself! It’s, like, covered in these tiny stars-shaped flowers that are just sooo adorable! It’s, like, having a little piece of nature right in my room. It brings so much life and positive vibes. 🌟🌿

    What I love most about it is that it’s, like, super easy to take care of. I don’t have a lot of time for plant care, but this bonsai is a breeze! It just needs a little water and some sunlight, and it’s good to go. No green thumb required! 🌞💦

    I’m totally obsessed with my Tree of a Thousand stars bonsai! It’s, like, my new BFF. It brings so much joy and happiness to my space. Plus, all my friends are totally jealous of it. It’s, like, the ultimate cool and unique gift. I would totally recommend it to anyone looking to add a touch of nature and style to their room. It’s, like, the bomb-dot-com! 💖🌳

    Thanks, y’all, for this amazing bonsai! You totally rock! Keep spreading the green goodness! 🙌✨

    1. Hey Natalie!

      Wow, thank you so much for your incredible review! We’re thrilled to hear that you’re loving your Tree of a Thousand stars bonsai in the blue ceramic pot. It sounds like it’s a perfect fit for your room and adds a burst of colour and style. 💙🌟

      We’re so glad that the bonsai brings a touch of nature and positive vibes to your space. Those tiny star-shaped flowers are indeed adorable and create a unique and enchanting visual display. It’s like having your own little piece of magic right at home! 🌟🌿

      We are so we’re glad to hear that it’s easy to take care of. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of nature, even with a busy schedule. And hey, no green thumb required! 🌞💦

      It’s fantastic to know that your Tree of a Thousand stars bonsai has become your new BFF. It’s always rewarding to bring joy and happiness to our customers’ lives. And we totally get it – having a unique and stylish bonsai like yours is definitely envy-worthy! It’s the perfect conversation starter and adds that special touch to any room. 💖🌳

      Thank you for recommending us! We’re thrilled to have you as a happy customer, and we’ll keep spreading the green goodness for sure. If you ever need anything or have any questions, feel free to reach out. Enjoy your bonsai, Natalie! Keep rocking and nurturing that special connection with nature. 🙌✨

  10. Hello.This post was really remarkable, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Monday.

  11. Oh, let me tell you about my little Tree of a Thousand Stars indoor bonsai that I absolutely love! It is sooo cute and I have put it in my bedroom.

    It has pretty little white flowers the colour of snow. It is adorable.

  12. I am pleased that I found this blog, just the right information that I was searching for!

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