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Specimen Selection of Indoor Bonsai Trees

We grow these top-quality and mature indoor bonsai trees. They are potted into beautiful ceramic pots. Additionally, matching ceramic drip trays are also included. These beautiful bonsai form our specimen selection.

The very best in quality & service…

Our specimen selection is our ultimate collection of mature, wonderful and inspired indoor bonsai trees. Most importantly, bonsai master Lloyd Noall grows these specimen trees, especially for Bonsai Direct.

Grace your home or office with these large and artistic specimens. They will inspire a feeling of peace and tranquillity within your home or office. Furthermore, they offer immense beauty and character. Certainly, make them a beautiful focal point or centrepiece in any room.

Easier to care for…

Care for your specimen bonsai is much easier than a smaller bonsai because they are more established. We pot specimen and premium range bonsai into a better quality bonsai soil. The ceramic pots are of higher quality with more varied colours and shapes.

Similarly, experienced artists have pruned & styled these specimens to make them extra special. It takes many many years to establish such beauty and stature. From the twisty s-shaped trunk flow to the sensational taper.  Exposed root flare & aged character. The elegance and diversity. Thus, each bonsai is individual, unique & spectacular in design.

We provide a ceramic humidity or drip tray with all bonsai in our premium and specimen categories. As a result, they look better in contrast to our generic range.

Interestingly, most indoor species are available as specimen bonsai trees. These include the Chinese Elm, Sweet Plum, Tea Tree, Money Tree and fragrant Pepper Tree. Each species has a different tree meaning which captures the essence of bonsai.

All our bonsai arrive with full care instructions. We also offer first-class class customer service and amazing online tutorials for help & advice.


Showing all 14 results


Showing all 14 results

Old Specimen Indoor Bonsai for sale

The very best aged indoor bonsai trees for sale, individually styled and grown for decades by bonsai master Lloyd Noall. These mature bonsai are perfect for the home or office and represent the very best in quality indoor bonsai.
Each bonsai is individually photographed and they are supplied with matching ceramic drip trays.
The Chinese Elm (Ulmus parvifolia) features strongly; it is an easy bonsai to care for and is the best species for growing indoors if you are seeking a bonsai with a very natural appearance and exceptional proportions.
The Ficus retusa is also the perfect beginners indoor bonsai, with stunning deep green glossy leaves and incredible aerial root system. A bonsai which displays immense character and is very well regarded amongst bonsai growers.

Very Large Exquisite Specimen Ficus Bonsai [Excellence Range] – 30 years

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Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree – Ulmus parvifolia

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Oriental Tea Tree Bonsai – Carmona microphylla

Pretty white flowers Very artistic bonsai Beautiful leaf shape Low maintenance For warm environments Infrequent watering The Oriental Tea Tree (Carmona microphylla) is a simple & elegant flowering bonsai ideal […]

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Chinese Sweet Plum Bonsai Tree – Sageretia theezans

Pretty purple fruits Easy to care for Quick and fun to grow Easy to style Perfect for beginners Red-tinged new foliage The Chinese Sweet Plum (Sageretia theezans) is a pretty […]

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