Outstanding Specimen English Maple Outdoor Bonsai – 26 years

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This is the bonsai you will receive!
An outstanding English Maple (Acer campestre), the most hardy of maples with wonderful leaf shape and striking spring and autumn foliage colour.
A very well proportioned bonsai with lush canopy and fabulous taper.

This is the best example of an English Maple bonsai we have seen – it is truly breathtaking and I would be disappointed to part with it.
It has a powerful stature and incredible root flare.
A highly under-rated bonsai in our opinion – it is stunning and easy to care for.
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This is a fine native bonsai with small green flowers and typical winged maple fruits as it matures.

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This is a very sturdy, powerful example of English maple bonsai.
Styled from a traditional woodland tree.
Beautiful canopy and wonderful seasonal leaf colours.
The branches are beautifully positioned with great proportions throughout.
Great British bonsai tree. Lovely.
This is the bonsai you will receive! 

Height (cm): 55
Pot Size (cm): 43 x 35
Trunk Diameter (cm): 5
Age (years): 26
Bonsai Pot: Unglazed oval classic ceramic bonsai pot 
Deciduous Outdoor Bonsai

English Maple / Field Maple (Acer campestre)
Lovely shaped foliage with a beautiful autumn colour. English maples represent the hardiest of the maple family, being native to Europe. 
They have wonderful shape and form and are easy to care for. When pruning please allow 1-2cm for die back. A lovely outdoor bonsai.


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